Hidden LGBTQ-Friendly Travel Treasures


Finding an LGBTQ-friendly excursion is a lot less difficult today than it may have been in years past. Travel plans aren’t simply relegated to large urban communities but include many opportunities to get away that are off the beaten path. Tropical, urban, rustic, island, mountainous … a plethora of options await you as you plan your next escape.

For an island retreat, consider making your way to the Greek isle of Mykonos to enjoy the food and the nightlife known for its wild side. Head to Salt Spring Island in Canada for a mountain-esque escape that also offers plenty of coast line. This Gulf isle is located off British Columbia, a short ferry ride to Victoria, and offers secluded beaches along with miles of hiking trails. Or, make your trek of the tropical variety by visiting Saba, a Caribbean island that supports same-sex marriage and offers a well-preserved natural landscape and unspoiled beaches. For urban excitement, a long weekend in Montreal will do the trick with its abundance of pride celebrations, bustling art scenes, and lively clubs. For a visit with extra flavor, plan your trip to coincide with the Montreal Fetish Weekend, filled with fantasy and adventure. Learn more about activities you can enjoy at these LGBTQ-friendly hotspots as well as other lesser known getaways to put on your travel radar by clicking on the following infographic.


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The Herd // Fort Worth Stockyards


I finally had the chance to sped a day with my precious family after being so busy with work. Every time I can get a chance to dose off, I do, so when I had two days off, I went ahead and scheduled a trip to Fort Worth, to the Fort Worth Stockyards, to give my Mother-in-law a dun trip on her birthday. Sure enough, we had a blast at the Stockyards.


Fort  Worth, Texas is about 30 minutes from where we live. I know, it is quite near but time is so cruel these days that is not permitting us to roam around this beautiful city and enjoy everything it offers. But like I always say: one at a time. We are here in Texas for good now so we have a lot of time in the future.

Anyway, The Herd is one of the most attractive show there is at Fort Worth Stockyards. It is when the long horns march along Exchange Ave from where their deck is. They are pretty disciplined I must say! And they enjoy the crowd, I think, that waited for and watched over them.

I enjoyed it myself and so did my companions.

After the march, we went over to the Stockyards Museum and behind the museum is the viewing deck of the longhorns. I asked permission from the Museum staff if we can go to the viewing deck and enjoy a scene interesting enough for farmers and we were permitted to so we went ahead and viewed the amazing creatures.

Can you tell these people had fun? He he!

The Herd in Fort Worth Stockyards is one that shouldn’t be missed! We enjoyed the show and soon, we will come back to see them again and explore Fort Worth even more. That is, when the Travelholics can squeeze another day or two to just roam around and enjoy Texas.