WI to TX Round Trip: Iowa Snaps


Our one-week round trip t from Wisconsin to Texas last month was filled with excitement and fun. Even along the way, the travelholic family felt that this time, with the littlest one already able to say a few words and could express well her reaction to things, the trip has become even more joyful and thrilling. From Wisconsin State, the second state we passed by was Minnesota. I have yet to find the Minnesota photos worth sharing so this time, I’ll share the Iowa snaps.

Welcome to Iowa sign

The People of Iowa Welcome You, the sign says

Majority of the Iowa lands are plains so the excitement you’ll get to see while on the road only included grass and snow that have not completely melted yet.

I thought this snap is kinda cool! Snow-free on the left and lots of snow on the right! How did that happen? Apparently, the side where there is no more snow is very exposed to the sun during the day. Thus, the snow on the right remain because it is not seen by the sun anymore.

The Barilla Plant Factory

Familiar of the Barilla brand of pasta? Yep, I was able to press my shutter when we passed by it! 

The Friday sunset. Time to stop our driving and look for a hotel!

We managed to find one in Lamoni, Iowa. So our first day of driving ends and so far, it has been a fantastic one! The kids have not been that hyper but cooperative instead. So, we were confident that the next day will be a good one as well!

Good morning sunshine!

That’s me and Triz, and our sunshiny smile on the second day of our trip. We were up and ready to resume driving. Let’s see where we will end this day. Hopefully, to our destination already. But we will never know!

Oh, it was great to wake up in a snow-free ground! #2ndDay

…and my traveling companions saying “Good morning, Lamoni Iowa!”

The travelholic Daddy and daughters

No special places to show you as we weren’t here in Iowa for a tour or a long hop; just a stopover for the night. So, I hope this share is good enough to have your mouse survive the scrolling down on this page! LOL. Where do you think is our next stop? Stay tuned for the next set of photos that I’ll share!

97/365 A-Snap-A-Day

Purchasing Something from Traveling


In terms of traveling to other countries, bringing with you a souvenir on your way back is commonly done by most tourists and travelers. The idea is, when you travel somewhere, it is best to have a remembrance of that place. In such way, you are keeping memories of the place that you have just been to.

Aside from the souvenirs, there are other products as well that can be good to purchase particularly those that are of high quality. Aside from enjoying the place as the main purpose of the travel, shopping can also be great especially in countries known for awesome deals! Gift ideas thought way before the trip come in very handy when wedding stuff are part of the targeted products because Wedding Veils, for instance, can be a perfect item to buy since it won’t require a huge space in the luggage. You have to consider your preference for a wedding veil though because most often than not, cultures play a part in the design and style for a wedding veil. You know what I mean?

But of course, when you plan on including shopping in your to do list while on a trip, you need to consider some factors that will help you decide whether an item is worth buying or not. To help you determine or decide, consider these factors below:

• Uniqueness
If a certain product is common in your hometown, never purchase such in the place you’re going to visit. Tendency, you will just get dismayed. Uniqueness of the product is still the best!

• Great Value
If a certain product’s value is more affordable than those can be purchased in your hometown, never hesitate to get one instead. Such deal is very rare! But of course, make sure that it has the quality the local product your hometown has or more than that.

• Importance
Of course, if you are going to travel somewhere, aside from the quality and the value, it is also nice to have products you purchase because it has meaning to you. It can be sort of remembrance or souvenir but most of the time, this is more important than those.

Personally, all three factors mentioned above work so well for me! They are my measuring criteria in deciding whether I would buy a product or not. We all differ in our travel preference but at the end of the day, I guess we all agree that ‘shopping’ is always a fun side trip when traveling.

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