5 Crazy Road Rules You Might Not Know About


Trying to safely drive from A to B whilst sharing the road with other… let’s call them “less competent” drivers is hard enough. But did you know there are a string of crazy road rules out there in the world that make getting around on four wheels even harder? It’s true. Here are five crazy road rules from around the globe that you probably don’t know about. Give them a read and arm yourself with this knowledge before you get struck with a hefty fine or two.

1. Australia

In Australia, it is illegal to drive with your arm – or any other part of your body – outside your car. This controversial law is common in all states and territories in the country, and if you fail to respect it you can face a significant fine and a loss of demerit points. Traffic law firms, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, might be able to help you should you get in any strife, but it’s less risky to keep your limbs inside. Remember: the law was introduced for safety reasons, namely, to prevent drivers from injury and possibly losing their arms. So keep that arm inside when cruising down the highway.

2. Thailand

Did you know that it’s illegal for men to drive topless in Thailand? Yes, it’s true. Although the law doesn’t say anything about female drivers, we can assume the same holds true for the fairer sex. Regardless of whether you’re driving a car, bus, tuk-tuk or motorbike, you cannot drive without a shirt, unless you want to face a significant fine from the Thai police. In a country where the mercury generally hovers around 30 degree Celsius all year long, that’s a pretty hard ask indeed!

3. Sweden

You must drive with your headlights on at all times in Sweden, even during the light of day. This law applies for all types of vehicles on all types of roads, including highways, side streets, and country lanes. If you don’t, other motorists will flash their lights at you and the police will whack you with a pretty significant fine. Be warned!

4. Bulgaria

If you ever make it to quirky Bulgaria and opt to hire a car for the day or week, make sure you check what’s in the boot. According to Bulgarian law, all drivers must carry a fire extinguisher in the back of their cars. This one’s a bit of a mystery, but perhaps engine overheating is a common occurrence in Europe’s oldest country?

5. Cyprus

Finally, we all know that it’s illegal to drink and drive. But did you know that in sunny Cyprus it’s also illegal to eat and drive? In fact, munching down on anything while behind the wheel – from a souvlaki, pizza slice, or even a potato chip – can land you an €85 fine. Ouch!

My own driving rule: NEVER take pictures while driving. So, my passenger daughter was the one that took this photo along Greenbriar Avenue when it was snowing heavily last Friday. :)

We do live in a crazy world indeed. What other crazy road rules exist out there? Share them in the comments below and save other drivers from running into trouble when driving around the world.


Personal Capture of Niagara Falls River: Two Seasons


I have heard about the Niagara Falls being frozen and have even seen headlines about it but I have never been so amazed until I saw the photos from a personal friend who lives near Niagara Falls City. They went and visited the Falls today and I was so mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the entire state park that’s all so frozen. The trees were all painted white, the ground is blanketed white with snow, and the water seemed looked stagnant. I even joked in one of the photos that even the skylines at the other side of the river seemed to look frozen, too. It was simply amazing!

Anyway, I am sharing two captures of the same exact spot of the Niagara River taken on two different seasons: summer and winter. I took the summer snap in August of 2013, when we drove to Niagara Falls from Wisconsin, and toured the state park with dear friends. I am surprised that my friend Ate Tess took her own photograph of the same spot today, when she went to the place with her family, and so I asked for her permission to let me use her picture. I am thankful she permitted me.

So here it goes:

The Niagara River and the Rainbow Bridge in the summer through my shutter

The frozen Niagara River and the Rainbow Bridge in the winter, through Ate Tess’ shutter

I don’t know about you, but I find both scenery breathtaking! I saw how beautiful this State Park is in the summer but seeing the photos of this place during the winter kind of invites me to go and see it with my own eyes in its winter beauty. Truly, there is a Creator God Who makes wonderful transformation of the nature around us. In all my travels and trips, I glorify The Creator God for the gift of nature He has blessed the earth with. The Niagara Falls– in the summer and winter, is one of them!


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