From the UK to Australia –Three Essential Tips on Moving to Australia

Perhaps you have thought of, or even dreamed about moving from the UK over to Australia. Maybe you love the climate, or maybe you are seeking a significant change; people move for many reasons. Sadly, most dream of a fantastic move across the world, but they never end-up going through with it. Not only is a move of the magnitude intimidating, many people simply don’t know where or how to start the process. Even though moving sounds like a thrilling adventure, it too, can be extremely overwhelming. Finding someone with knowledge of this type of move can turn your wish into a real-life outcome. Have a look below at the tips given to make your move reality.

  1. Get a Guide: The term ‘Guide’ usually makes you think about books for traveling, literature about location destinations or tour guides. These types of books and information are extremely helpful but are not nearly enough information to help you move across the world. For a successful relocation, you’ll want a lot more details – you’ll need a personal guide or moving Concierge Company to help you with the advice and knowledge you need. The guide will help you over obstacles and instruct you on how and what to do to make your move to Australia from the UK a smooth event.
  2. Prepare a Plan: For a positive and less-stressful move, make certain that you have in place a plan – one the is well-researched, has a clear strategy plan-of-action, and one that lays-out the steps needed to make your move. Exploring the options available for your move such as the location of your employment, your options for transportation, and the location of where you want to live, will ensure that you are ready. The additional effort made for planning will nearly guarantee there will be no unwelcome surprises.
  3. Mental Preparedness: When you are finished making all of the plans for your move – a job, packing-up your belongings, finding housing – you should then emotionally prepare your family, business and yourself for the big change. You’ve planned, and you’ve had expert help from a professional personal guide; your first impression should be great since you have found mental support. Stressing about the move from the UK to Australia will not help and will only cause unneeded side-effects. Following the steps needed to manage your trip will aid in a much-more smooth move and experience.

Last of all, you may want to find physical assistance with the change to Australia. Big moves such as this one will require help from strong individuals. Extra hands for the relocation will ensure that you do not overwork yourself or your family. Journeying from the UK to Australia is a big change and requires a huge transition period for your life. Using a personal moving to Australia guide with the expertise required will bring you closer to your dream of this ‘move of a lifetime’. Expat Concierge has the capability and experience. Visit them at for specialized support with your relocation.


Thanksgiving 2014: Fort Worth Water Gardens


So, we were finally able to get out of Keene and drive some twenty miles north to Fort Worth, TX! Our destination? The Fort Worth Water Gardens!

I initially planned of heading out to the Zoo since all of us are around, but because it is Thanksgiving Day, there are exhibits in the zoo that aren’t available for us to see or enjoy. I then figured out that roaming around the Downtown Fort Worth would be a lot better considering that the streets won’t be as busy as they are during regular days. So off we went to the beautifully engineered water gardens.

Did we enjoy it? I don’t know about my companions but I personally did. Although it is not recommended to go to this place on holidays because the fountains will not be operating and it is less of beauty. Nevertheless, I still was amazed by the landscaping and infrastructure of the place.

It is in the heart of Fort Worth and one of the Entrance to the Fort Worth Convention Center is just around the garden’s perimeter. I think it is a great locations for tourists plus it is free so it is definitely worth checking out. Well, it was just my first time in Fort Worth and I am sure there will be countless times more in the future. For now, it is enough that we got to drive to this place and have fun as our way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day as travelholics!

I will come back to this place sometime in the future and will see to it that the fountains are in operation so I can capture pictures that are even more beautiful! For now, it is enough a trip as it is just a side trip from celebrating a special holiday in this country!

Have any of you been to this place– Fort Worth Water Gardens? How did you like it?

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