Vacationing in Upstate New York


New York is often thought of as just the home of one of the biggest cities on earth. However, the state of New York has many fabulous areas to check out in upstate New York, especially if you want to get back to nature. It is easy to find comfortable accommodations such as Mohonk Mountain House and plan a wide range of activities for you and your family.

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In this area of the state, hiking is a great way to see the forests, rivers and lakes that make this area attractive to a host of wildlife. There are many trails around the area, including inside the Mohonk Preserve. This area provides visitors with a closeup view of the natural wildlife and pristine surroundings. If you are looking to check out the preserve, they also offer a range of programs and events where you can learn even more about the area’s flora and fauna.

Another way to get around the area is to cycle your way through. There are plenty of paved bike paths as well as a choice of off-road paths that you can take if you are a more serious mountain bike enthusiast. The area boasts more than 80 miles of carriage roads, many of which are perfect for an afternoon ride. Both novice and expert riders will find the trails to be scenic and challenging.

Horseback Riding
If you love animals and want to take a long stroll along the Shawangunk Mountains, seeing the area by horseback is a great option. Although you must provide your own horse, you can see everything from the miles of carriage roads available as horse trails throughout the preserve and the surrounding properties. Horseback trails are open throughout the spring, summer and fall so you can enjoy everything from the budding spring trees to the autumn foliage.

Snowshoeing and Skiing
Thinking of visiting the area during the winter months? You won’t have to hide inside the Mountain House all day long. Instead, you can choose to explore the wilderness with a good pair of snowshoes or your favorite cross-country skis. Like cyclists and horseback riders in the warmer months, skiers will be able to take advantage of viewing the winter scene by the carriage road trails. Some of the available trails are also groomed for expert cross-country skiers so they can move fast while taking in the scenery.

When visiting upstate New York, these are just some of the fun outdoor activities you can choose to do during your stay. Along with the beauties of nature, the area also has a variety of galleries, farms, orchards and historic areas that you can visit. No matter how you want to spend your vacation, the New Paltz area is a great place to visit any time of the year.


The Herd // Fort Worth Stockyards


I finally had the chance to sped a day with my precious family after being so busy with work. Every time I can get a chance to dose off, I do, so when I had two days off, I went ahead and scheduled a trip to Fort Worth, to the Fort Worth Stockyards, to give my Mother-in-law a dun trip on her birthday. Sure enough, we had a blast at the Stockyards.


Fort  Worth, Texas is about 30 minutes from where we live. I know, it is quite near but time is so cruel these days that is not permitting us to roam around this beautiful city and enjoy everything it offers. But like I always say: one at a time. We are here in Texas for good now so we have a lot of time in the future.

Anyway, The Herd is one of the most attractive show there is at Fort Worth Stockyards. It is when the long horns march along Exchange Ave from where their deck is. They are pretty disciplined I must say! And they enjoy the crowd, I think, that waited for and watched over them.

I enjoyed it myself and so did my companions.

After the march, we went over to the Stockyards Museum and behind the museum is the viewing deck of the longhorns. I asked permission from the Museum staff if we can go to the viewing deck and enjoy a scene interesting enough for farmers and we were permitted to so we went ahead and viewed the amazing creatures.

Can you tell these people had fun? He he!

The Herd in Fort Worth Stockyards is one that shouldn’t be missed! We enjoyed the show and soon, we will come back to see them again and explore Fort Worth even more. That is, when the Travelholics can squeeze another day or two to just roam around and enjoy Texas.