Thanksgiving 2014: Fort Worth Water Gardens


So, we were finally able to get out of Keene and drive some twenty miles north to Fort Worth, TX! Our destination? The Fort Worth Water Gardens!

I initially planned of heading out to the Zoo since all of us are around, but because it is Thanksgiving Day, there are exhibits in the zoo that aren’t available for us to see or enjoy. I then figured out that roaming around the Downtown Fort Worth would be a lot better considering that the streets won’t be as busy as they are during regular days. So off we went to the beautifully engineered water gardens.

Did we enjoy it? I don’t know about my companions but I personally did. Although it is not recommended to go to this place on holidays because the fountains will not be operating and it is less of beauty. Nevertheless, I still was amazed by the landscaping and infrastructure of the place.

It is in the heart of Fort Worth and one of the Entrance to the Fort Worth Convention Center is just around the garden’s perimeter. I think it is a great locations for tourists plus it is free so it is definitely worth checking out. Well, it was just my first time in Fort Worth and I am sure there will be countless times more in the future. For now, it is enough that we got to drive to this place and have fun as our way of celebrating Thanksgiving Day as travelholics!

I will come back to this place sometime in the future and will see to it that the fountains are in operation so I can capture pictures that are even more beautiful! For now, it is enough a trip as it is just a side trip from celebrating a special holiday in this country!

Have any of you been to this place– Fort Worth Water Gardens? How did you like it?

Vermont Vacations are a ‘must do’


Have you been to Vermont? It doesn’t matter which city or town it is, as long as it is inside the beautiful State’s perimeter. If you haven’t yet, can you find yourself vacationing in the great State of Vermont? Surely, Vermont vacations are a ‘must act upon’, a ‘must do’, a ‘must booked itinerary’!

Vermont Autumn

Image grabbed from

The most recent long trip that we did as a family was our summer road trip to New York last year. Oh it was truly a captivating experience as it was one that has so many “firsts’ for the four of us. We could have driven straight to Vermont as the husband and I have a very good friend based there but time and energy didn’t permit us anymore. That meant us doing a trip to such beautiful State then, in the future!

What is there in Vermont that is worth seeing? I am sure there are so many great things the State can offer to travelers and visitors like me! Just a week ago, our friends actually spent a week in Vermont! From the hot Texas to the cold Vermont, yes, their photos showed so much beauty because of the Fall Foliage. They also had so much fun picking fresh apples and the activities they did reminded me so much of our Wisconsin days. I guess it’s because of the Fall and Winter seasons.

I think it is safe to say that Vermont has unique things to do all year round. When you go in the summer, there will be exciting things to see and do like shopping, entertainment, and sports. In the Fall, the foliage will be a breathtaking scenery to bring with us back to our home states. In the winter, ski slopes and snow adventures will keep the energy alive and invigorated if winter sports is one’s cup of tea. And of course, local dining is something not to be missed!

I sure hope that someday, my list of places in the “Have been” part includes Vermont vacations!

If you are Vermont-bound anytime soon, may your travel be one of the best!


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