Dallas Drive for that New Ride


Oh yeah, we did go to Dallas for only half a day to get our new ride! It was exciting actually because we all went there as a family! It was Ma and Pa’s first time so tboth of theme were kinda thrill to see the beauty of Dallas although we didn’t really roam around downtown to check out interesting spots.

To Dallas we go! :)

And since our destination has been mapped which was to Autonation to check out the car that we have initially looked at online, we only enjoyed seeing the skyline along US-67 and I-35 in Dallas business district.

Approaching Dallas, TX along US-67 N

It’s always a nice ride when you’re just a passenger as you really get to see the nice skyline of a particular city. I am glad that it’s the husband that’s on the wheels as I have all 360-degree-view to enjoy!

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

We got to introduce the spots that we passed by to Ma and Pa who were with us. Summertime, which is right now, is not really the best time to hit the city for some touring, so we will wait till Fall or Winter to come and check out Dallas. It is a bonus that we don’t live that far at all so it won’t be a problem coming here even every so often. About 45 minutes of driving and you’ll already hit the downtown? Not bad at all! My only problem is that personally, I still am not so gutsy to sit on the steering wheels for a Dallas drive. Ha ha!

And of course, this trip ended at a Nissan Autonation along LBJ Freeway and coming home with the New 2014 Nissan Altima!

Another historical August to cherish for me and my husband! That’s because we got our second car on the very same month we got our first one, the Mango Tango Grand Caravan, which is exactly three years ago this month, and has been paid off already! Yay to us!

This Dallas drive was just quick, but definitely successful and super fun! Hopefully, our next Dallas drive will be soon and will be even more fun!

Oh, Texas living has been so far fun despite being so busy! Thank God for the chance to still travel as a family!


The Steam Team It Is!


So, cleaning becomes a regular hard ‘labor’ for me now that I own a property of my own! Is it something that I dread or fret about? Not at all! You see, for 10 years of marriage life, my husband and I only lived in an apartment. Upon our move here in Northcentral Texas two months ago, we were able to purchase a house of our own, and not only a house with a small lot, but with over an acre of lot at that! A house with approximately 2,400 square feet of floor area is big enough to make one feel tired when doing a general cleaning, and being the homemaker in the family, it is a consolation that there are cleaning experts that I can rely and depend on when the assistance becomes a need. The Steam Team of Texas– have you heard about them?


You can actually check them out at www.thesteamteam.com to be familiar with the services that they are offering. Carpet cleaning is one of those cleaning need that really demands expertise as there are certain cleaning materials and agents that are appropriate for a certain type of carpet. Having said that, thesteamteam.com’s carpet cleaning expertise for over 25 years now is definitely appointment-worthy.

We have lots of friends here in our new place who are really busy as both husband and wife have their own works so cleaning their homes become a thing that’s rarely done by them. I guess they all need to know about The Steam Team as the experts in this cleaning company seem to be the perfect people to call for help when it comes to having a spic and span abode.

When in Texas, The steam Team can be your best cleaning partner! Really? I will have to try them soon to really attest to that!


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