Make Sure You Have a Plan Before You Travel


If you’re making plans to travel to Europe, whether on business or as a personal or family vacation, you need to make sure that all of your plans are set in stone well in advance. It’s simply unrealistic (and possibly dangerous) to set off halfway around the world with no proper plan of action once you arrive. This is especially true in light of the political and social realities that are complicating travel arrangements all around the world.

Make Sure Your Plans Are Realistic

If you’re heading to the Eternal City of Rome, you’re making a pilgrimage to one of the world’s leading travel destinations. Even if you’re traveling there on business, rather than pleasure, you need to be sure that your plans are realistic and practical. For example, finding cheap hotels in Rome is an issue that should be sorted out well in advance.

Before you set forth on your journey, make sure that you have a safe destination from which to embark on your business. For example, all of your arrangements concerning your passport should be fully in place. Next, you’ll need to consult the Internet to find the best deals on hotel rooms. And, while you’re at it, will you be traveling on a company provided budget, or paying for all expenses out of your own pocket?

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Make Sure Your Travel Accommodations Are Set In Stone

Once you’ve decided on making the journey to Rome, you’ll need to book the best available deal. Luckily for you, you’re alive in the 21st century, at a time when making travel arrangements are by far more convenient to arrange than they have ever been. You no longer need to thumb through page after page of travel agency ads in the Yellow Pages. The power of the Internet is at your command.

New travel oriented sites, such as Hipmunk, are available to help you make all of the necessary comparisons. Once you log on to the site, you can quickly choose among dozens of hotels, all the while making astute choices when it comes to the accommodations that best please you.

Are you comfortable with a single room, with just a single bed? Would you like a complimentary breakfast each morning? Do you prefer daily room service? These and many other questions can quickly be answered well in advance of your trip simply by using sites like Hipmunk to make your travel plans.


Snow Day in Keene Texas


This week has been crazy weather-wise here in Nortcentral Texas. It is already March and yet, we are being snowed in and all the kids love the snow while the adults don’t. Well, I love it myself, especially that it is not a lot like what we were used to up north in Wisconsin.

I actually don’t have anything else to say but this: “It looks so beautiful in Keene, Texas when it snows!”

A drive from home to the SWAU Campus

Of course, driving is a different story. Here in Texas, snowfall is like a calamity for every driver. Thus, there usually is school closings which is a good thing. They don’t have snow plows or bulldozers here to clear the road, nor dump trucks that will salt the roads, so drive at your own risk it is on the highways. It is not fun. Nevertheless, I love it when in snows!

Can I say “Keep them coming?” I can, but I’d rather say “Come, Spring, come! I can’t wait to do some Spring planting real soon!”

I hope it is wonderful in your neck of the woods!


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