2016 Travels first hop: Modern Art Museum Fort Worth


Hello 2016!!!

I would like to believe that this year will be filled with adventures and travels for the travelholic family but then again, despite our wants and wishes to leave our home and have fun in the outdoors, it is just not possible at all times because of our still busy schedules. So, as I am able to squeeze in a little time to hop around places just near us, I will do it for the love of outdoors and fun escapades as a family.

First up on the very third day of January which is my daughter’s last day of break before she returned to school today was a visit to the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth.

Now get this: I was prepared to pay the entrance fee to the museum for the love of art appreciation but got so surprised because they have a FREE entrance every first Sunday of the month. That definitely was a “Yay” moment for me! Lol.

The mirrored bronze sculpture by Michelangelo behind us. So cool!

These two girls are not only trained travelers but also are artists in their own ways! :)

This cool infrared display of lights and words is definitely awesome!

Staircase to eternity; equally amazing!

A beautiful reflection outside

We definitely had a blast on our first travel for the year! It ignite the artistry in my girls as they uncover their hidden passion to be artists themselves and it gave us a great time to enjoy each other’s company which is always our goal for all outdoor activities that we do.

May we be able to embark on another new adventures to new places after this!

Twenty-sixteen, you have been so good to us, so far! Thank you!



Sylvan Beach Escapade


Hello December!!!

I am so thankful that November didn’t go without us enjoying the nature! Despite our very full and busy schedules, when I had the chance to take an off from work last week for Thanksgiving, an impromptu plan to drive down south to Houston transpired. The husband and our two daughters were all for it because our destination was a beach. I inquired first to our friends who are based in Houston which place they can recommend us to go to because we initially were thinking of going to Galveston. Since one of our friends has recommended Sylvan Beach, off we went on Wednesday and came home Friday last week. Yes, we had a blast!

Sylvan Beach is a state park. It has a beach, a fishing pier, and a playground as well as a spacious grounds to do some camp outs and sports activities. It is a nice place for a family I must say.

Being on a beach for the first time after many years, we were really thrilled to feel the breeze!

Little Tiara wanted to wade in the water right away but we managed to help her not to since it was still cold and chilly. It was a gloomy day, in the low 70’s, and it was very windy. From our smiles, you can really tell that we all were loving stepping foot on the sands! See, we didn’t have this back in Illinois and Wisconsin! Lol.

It helped that we had the beach all to ourselves as it was a holiday so people stayed home and stayed warm. Unlike us who dared to be out that day, they didn’t get to see the pretty view of the seagulls and pigeons that enjoyed the ocean scenery with us.

Sylvan beach

It was definitely a great experience for us and since we didn’t go on the most perfect timing, we wren’t able to dip; just wade in the waters and let our feet have a blast with the sand.

Happy feet!

La Porte in Texas is nice. You get to see all the huge plants of gas there and if you just want a beach experience that’s not necessarily the fanciest, Sylvan Beach will do. We will definitely go back soon.