Pit Stop: Kansas Travel Information Center in Emporia


Kansas State will always be in our travel diaries. You see, we have traversed this state in the Northeast to Southcentral direction for four times and so we definitely have created several memories of our road trips as a family. One pit stop worth sharing is the Travel Information Center in Emporia, KS.

Aside from the fact that it was a great place to rest and do a lot of stretching from that long sitting down in the car for some hundreds of miles already, we were also thrilled to have stopped in Emporia because a former Filipino friend in Wisconsin has moved out and into this very city! On our first stop here though, we didn’t get the chance to see her and her husband because of time constraints.

The two little travelholics, in Kansas State!

And I must say, this travel center rocks! It is so high-tech with lots of features about Kansas State that were worth learning! It is like a museum as well with large photo frames of beautiful scenes of the state.

It boosts modern technology that people these days will definitely find to be significance, like a computer screen where you can access the world wide web and even do a bit of photographing which you can instantly share in your social network accounts. I really thought it was one pretty cool device!

Kansas… one of a kind. I totally agree!

And one of the evidences I can show off via photograph is the scenery along this interstate highway where miles and miles of prairie land can be enjoyed in the vast horizon!

Kansas road trip

Someday soon, it won’t just be a road trip pit stop in Kansas but at least a week-long vacation. Just because it is worth it based on what the state could offer for a travelholic family like ours!

Planning for a Ski Vacation?


This coming winter season will be our first winter away from the frozen tundra. This morning, as we woke up to a cool weather in the 70s, I told the husband to imagine waking up to a temperature in the 20s or 30s (I am talking Fahrenheit here). And he exclaimed, “Thank goodness it’s not like that anymore! At least not right now and not anytime soon!”

You see, life back in Wisconsin is like that, even in as early as October! Certainly, we have had enough of those chilly mornings so we are grateful and super happy here in Texas!

However, there are great things we will miss as well with the winter season. That is, those winter sports and games. Talk about skiing! Nope, there will be no such thing here in Texas so if ever we will decide to go on one to create a beautiful winter memory, it will take us to book for a ski adventure somewhere!

And then, this ski property for sale in france comes to mind! I don’t think we can go to one anytime soon, but it is worth recommending.

Luxurious Ski Apartments For Sale In, Courchevel 1650, Three Valleys 1

If you just live here in the US, of course there are lots of great ski resorts that you can choose from but if you are daring enough to plan for an awesome French ski holiday, guess what, the luxurious ski apartments in Courchevel 1650, Three Valleys can be a great choice for you and your group!

Luxurious Ski Apartments For Sale In, Courchevel 1650, Three Valleys 1

So, let that planned ski vacation be grand location and accommodation-wise!


(Disclaimer: Photos are grabbed from skiingproperty.com)


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