Enjoying a Rural Retreat on Holidays


Life in the city can be hectic, noisy, and dirty. When you want to get away from the stress of urban life, you may find the ideal retreat for you and your family by reserving accommodations at places like Broken Bow cabins and other secluded resorts. These destinations provide you with all of the amenities you need to relax and enjoy your time away from home. However, they also allow you to connect with nature and enjoy scenery that cannot be found outside any urban abode. You can get started now by looking online and discovering more about what could lie in wait for you during a rural nature retreat.

Broken Bow Cabins

Image grabbed from beaversbendlogcabins.com/

Because they are set in the middle of the Oklahoma wilderness, these accommodations give you the chance to get outside and enjoy nature at its finest. You can go fishing in the local streams, wade in the shallows, and take in the sights and sounds of the natural waterways. You can also sit and watch birds that are native to the area. After a few hours in the wilderness, you may feel rejuvenated and more at ease.

You also are welcome to bring along your pet, as long as it weighs under 25 pounds. Many people consider their pets as part of their family and would not entertain the idea of leaving behind a beloved dog or cat. You can take your pet outside on walks and allow it to experience the leaves, grass, trees, forests, and other natural scenery. The experience will give your pet stimulation that cannot be found in any urban jungle.

During your stay, you may want to venture out and try the restaurants in the local area. The area welcomes tourists who are staying at the resort. You can find eateries that match your palate and budget. You also can cook in the comfort of your own cabin. The cabins come equipped with a small kitchenette so you can cook up a meal for you and your family.

If you know when you would like to travel to the area, you can check out the reservation feature online. You can book the days that you plan on taking a vacation. You can also check out the gallery of pictures available on the website. If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed online, you can contact the facility.


At the SWAU Ground with Visiting Friends


Being residents of an academic community, the university campus is the easy getaway for us to take our visiting friends or relatives here in Keene. It was the same thing when we used to live in Illinois and Wisconsin. I think it is one of the nice things about being an academician– the university campus where we are associated becomes a place to check out by visiting guests.

Back in Illinois, we bring our guests to the Illinois State University campus and tour them around. It was where the husband was studying and teaching. In Wisconsin, we had University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point to check out to. We always did every time we had friends and relatives came over. Thanks for the 5 years of employment there by the husband as well!

This time, we are in Keene, Texas and we have the Southwestern Adventist University to be proud of! We took our friends from Indiana who came and visited us last year and just last month, our dearest friends from San Antonio visited us for the first time and spent their weekend with us. Of course, we didn’t skip touring around the SWAU grounds, even if we had a very limited time.

With Dhemz

The hubs and the kiddos

The Dias and Duarte girls

Parked. Old Betsy Road fronting SWAU looked so beautiful with the hundreds of flags poled as it was Labor Day weekend

Nothing biggie to show what Keene Texas offers but having the university is good enough. I am glad to have let our visiting friends stepped foot on the campus of a beautiful university we now consider our academic haven and hopefully, there will be more friends and relatives to come visit us in the near future!