About Me

Meet the expressionist!

I am a truth-seeker.
I dare defy impositions.
I listen to the silent voice of the Holy Spirit.
I rarely forward messages you forwarded to me (w/c are a lot!), but once I do, it would be worth it.
A woman of strength I am. Smart– and apparently up for debate! Haha.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a sweethart, and because of Triz, a mom.
I am disorganized at times, but I SEEK organization and neatness.
I love blue, white, green, and red together. And pink, too, now that Triz is here!
I like kindness, sympathy, cordiality, bravery, gentleness, and affection.
Salad made of camote tops, or eggplant, or pako, as in ferns sa bukid and/or puso sa saging is heaven to me, as well as everything nga luto ni Mama, ni NangEls, ug ni Yaya.
I cook a lot, and have been eating a lot as well. Thus, size 0 or 1 clothes are but a history to me anymore!
I think a lot. Work a lot. And think of working more a lot and work of thinking more a lot!
Singing “Knowing Youll Be There, One More Day, and Will You Love Jesus More lightens my heart.
Books and magazines, and any sensible write-ups kill my time, including good articles online.
I value intelligence, ability, and happiness.
I TRY to control my temper, my desire, and my tongue.
I preserve five things: GOOd books, GOOD deeds, GOOD thoughts, GOOD relationships, and GOOD friends.
I am fun to be with, with whom I am comfortable, if not, then I rarely speak. Only when I need to.
If I can’t find anything to do, I read the dictionary. But that’s before. Because now, I rarely have idle time. Pretty Triz keeps me up 16/7. And sometimes more.
I hate injustice, corruption, pride, dishonesty, and unfaithfulness.
Feel free to discover more of me and let’s start from there!

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ritchelle Says:

    math au ka oy,wonder ko why 16/7 nga ako dretso man 24/7.

    While sleeping man pod segi man ko check shiela kay tupad man meh beh.Di ko kaon camote tops oy(salad?utanon lang),mila ko.Puso nuon sa saging nga utanan,naa ka diha?Dghan au me puso sa saging sa amoa cel kana tanom ni papa.Dghan au na hangyo palit sa bulig sa saging nya pero usahay dili nya baligya kay kusog me ngaon man.

  2. rarejonrez Says:


  3. abby Says:

    ok ra diay nang pulaw2 nimo cel kay grabe man jud ang kaon sa camote tops! heheh.

  4. Deli Says:

    I definitely agree with the five things you preserve. Nice to know you more. Have a great day :)

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