The hubby and I are so sore right now. Which is too bad because it’s going to be a rough and really long day for me today as the first day of clinical starts for me (3:30pm to 9:30pm, can you imagine that?). The reason for our body sores? Our weekend at Wisconsin Rapids!



Yep, we went there yesterday and spent the whole afternoon helping our dear friends A and G in their move. When people are enjoying egg hunting and chocolate eating (lol), we were out and about to extend our strength, our willing heart, and our precious time to friends who badly needed some help.


the best girl in the world! :)


That girl in the picture is the best girl in the world! Even if you scream how biased I am since I’m the mom, I still will shout that because she really is! Imagine her being so cooperative, helpful, and never whiny the entire time– from 1:30pm to 6:30 pm yesterday as we started loading the stuff in that U-haul truck from A and G’s place and then unloading them at their new house. I have to tell her how good she is the entire time for being so kind and never complaining at all when the Mamang and the Dadi were so busy. She helped us by supervising us with what we’re doing, telling us where to put this and that and to be careful always and take some time to rest. The friends that we were helping were so amazed with this little girl simply because they have never seen a 4-years-old who can spend that long time without tantrums and craps. Our Triz is different and she can make your world a merry one! :) She knew we are very tired and never whines at all. I so thank her for such cooperation.


Green, finally!



Finally, it felt and looked Spring already here in our neck of the woods! The growing green grass tells me so, and soon, the countless trees will be budding green as well!



Being able to lend our helping hands is a living (green) thing for us. We are so sore today, but that is nothing compared to the joy we feel for being there for our friend who needed us. My entry for…

12 Responses to “A Weekend at Wisconsin Rapids”

  1. nuts Says:

    being sore by helping a friend is such a sweet labor. I love the green all around and the smile of your pretty girl.

  2. nuts Says:

    followed your blog. would appreciate if you follow me back too, if already a follower, thank you. :) have a happy Green Monday!

  3. Krislin, Ting (S.Pike) Says:

    wow, wonderfully spent for a day, helping out… :) *thumbs up* love the beautiful capture of the green in here.. :)

  4. Willa Says:

    Not only the Best Girl,she’s also the prettiest!!!! :)

  5. mygreenlivingideas Says:

    Really nice. Thanks for the visit and for joining.

  6. Ayvee Says:

    I love the 3rd photo cel clear ksaau oi..nindot e screen saver

  7. jared's mum Says:

    some lovely green pics you have there sis. it is true, helping a friend in need is actually a natural high..kudos to you + your helpful family ;)

  8. Ces Says:

    lovely pictures. I’ve never been there, hopefully someday.

  9. Lainy Says:

    Lovely shots, Sis. Very well serves the purpose of this blog. Keep them coming :-)

  10. karen Says:

    lovely photos…and lovely little girl too…thanks for the comment…visiting you back..;)

  11. Arlene Says:

    Hello cel, i just love to travel — anywhere! And i hope one day i can realize that. Meaning i work whole year and then the next year take vaca just like the americans and europeans does. Wish ko na..dapat makakita ko ug wish bone sa manok aron ma wish come true ko.

    Anyway, i love spring. always. and if ever i will go to the states or in china..sana spring time.

    Salamat sa bisita sa akong green entry. Sending you lots of oceans in thoughts.

  12. Hazelicious Says:

    Why mothers are always biased? hahaha Bitaw Cel, adorable man pud imuhang Trish. Very talented pa jud and she’s a star! Look the way she smile and poses sa camera. It’s just amazing. She’s so sweet!

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