The WHITEness of the Milwaukee Art Museum

My first post about the Milwaukee Art Museum was when I shared a couple photos showing how white the entire building is when you see it outside. When you get inside, you will not only be mesmerized with how beautiful its interior is, but with how the white hue dominates the entire scenery of the building. Everywhere you see is a white surface– from the wall, the ceiling, the floor, and many of the arts displayed in the number of galleries, too. Without further ado, let me share with you this time the hallway and lounge of the museum. Everything is white, like I’ve said, and yes, I’ve loved pressing my shutter while inside because the neatness and the cleanness was worth it! Lol.



Even the welcome sign has white dominance!


Photo #1


And there's moi in the super white lounge with the Lake Michigan behind me; literally outside, just a few feet away from the building!

Photo #2


The hallway! See how clean and white it is?

Photo #3– It actually felt a bit awkward walking here when I imagine the muddy streets I used to walk when I was a kid back when I lived in the farm in the very country where I grew up! Lol.



There's the travelholic girl; an art lover herself!

Photo #4



So artistic a design for a walling! And so white, yes!

Photo #5



Stopping by at one of the art displays at the hallway!

Photo #6


The girl posed while the travelholic dad minded his camera!

Photo #7



Here's one more shot of the white building of the Museum!

Photo #8

The ┬ámost heard adage that states “Don’t just the book by its cover” apparently doesn’t apply to this building, huh? Why? Because for me, just seeing the outside of the building while we were approaching it already gave me an impression that the inside must be truly more beautiful. Sure enough, it was and I couldn’t get enough of what we’ve seen while touring every gallery there was. I thought it’s one of the most expensive building I’ve been to, given the thousands and maybe even millions of dollars worth of the antique art materials stored in this museum for the public’s enjoyment.


For now, it’s the hallway and the lounge/lobby. Next time, some white arts I’ve gotten in many of the galleries inside. Stay tuned, art lovers! :)


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11 thoughts on “The WHITEness of the Milwaukee Art Museum
  1. raya says:

    wow! i was looking forward to another post about that museum you posted last week sis! and enjoyed viewing this! i am excited for more photos and yesss! i am staying tuned! thanks for joining us again this week!

  2. Tess says:

    Definitely white! very cool! we never been to a museum like this. Toooo white and tooo clean!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Cheers and blessings,

    p.s hope to see more whites again next week

  3. mama cooks says:

    wow ang ganda sis! very nice place and so big!

    visiting from WW

    btw sis, i have a simple guessing game in my blog. please do join:

    Guess how many balls Giveaway

  4. Mirage says:

    wow, so pristine!

  5. grace says:

    wow! nakakahiya namang mag kalat syan.. soooo white

  6. Yannie says:

    White museum… it’s beatiful thanks for the visit on my WW entry

  7. Mom K says:

    wow!!!…so beautiful…when can i see a place like that lol. The building design is unique. I agree with Grace, kakahiyang magkalat dyan. hehe

    Thanks for the WW visit sis.

  8. Jade says:

    The building is truly amazing!! I love it!

  9. Milwaukee escorts says:

    Cool building.

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