The Milwaukee Art Museum Building: So White!

The travelholic family had the chance to do some hops around Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, last Thursday. Our purpose to drive down there was to ship out our balikbayan box at a Filipino Store there and sure enough, we’ve successfully done it, plus the little grocery shopping of Pinoy stuff at the famous Asian Market along N. Old World Streen in the Downtown Milwaukee was another highlight.


Then, we visited the super awesome Milwaukee Art Museum which made me more and more in awe of man’s artistry. I think that building is the most expensive building I’ve been to, given the millions and millions of priced artworks displayed in the many galleries inside the museum. This time though, I am just going to share the view of the building that is so white, perfect enough as my Wednesday White entry for this week.


Take a look:



The building, while we were approaching the entrance of it!




The building, a bit closer!




Simply the travel junkies at the very white lobby. Behind us is the Lake Michigan! Truly a beautiful spot!




...and the parking area! Artistry, still!


And as usual, I have hundreds of photos taken at the place because I can’t stop my hands from pressing the shutter! After all, every angle, every corner, and every scene of the Milwaukee Art Museum is worth a click, really! I could go back there again and again, because it’s worth it! If you’re an artist, everything in this museum is a treasure. I am not even close to being an artist, and yet, I am in awe undoubtedly with the talents and genius found in this place.


There’ll be more posts about the Milwaukee Art Museum later! 😉 For now, this is my share for this week’s

16 thoughts on “The Milwaukee Art Museum Building: So White!
  1. vernz says:

    wow… another human marvel.. magnificent architecture… awesome.. was here for WW.

  2. nancy says:

    gorgeous whites!

  3. raya says:

    wow!! seems like I just went on a travel to Wisconsin myself! hahaha! wow ! that building is amazing sis! and you have not even shared to us the art works!i am so much in awe. Thanks for sharing your whites this week!

  4. Stef says:

    It is beautiful! My cousins are in Michigan too. Sorry for the late visit. Here is my WW entry . Thanks and see you!

  5. January says:

    wow! the building itself is already an ART..:)

    Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope you can visit my shares: Balangay , Afternoon Bonding , Kalachuchi Look-alike and JanzCrystalz. Thanks

  6. Mommy Jes says:

    wow this is awesome!!!:D

    Thanks for visiitng my site…actually my daughter has multiple persinalities when she wore that, shes confuse if she’s lady gaga, rapunzel, storm or a cat :))

  7. Avs says:

    Hala, malingaw jud si Mr. Monk ani, kay super limpyo tan awn. hehe. Gusto gud ko muadto diha b, gahulat ra jud ko madestino na pud akong bana naa na pud koy tour guide..laag pa cel aron mas daghan kag maabtan ug daghan pa imong mapalibot nako puhon!

    ok ra oi, i know hard man jud mag blog hop ui, it needs dedication galore..hehehe..kumusta naman diay imo school?

  8. Lainy says:

    This is one state-of-the-art edifice, Sis. Nice concept and all painted in white which made it all the more attractive.

    Thanks for the share and also thanks heaps for the visit at The Fool on the Hill. Wa kp kabisita pa sa uban kay kulang sa time, busybusyhan, LOL!

  9. Edsie says:

    Wow!! I’d love to go there!! Very nice place!
    Visiting from WW!! Hope you could visit my entry!
    Wednesday Whites: Swim Dress

  10. fe says:

    wow! super nice naman nito..wish sometimes I can visit that place too :)

  11. gagay says:

    artistic kaau ang parking area oie..gusto nku muanha nganha!

    dropping by from Wednesday Whites..hope you can drop by at mine – seeing me in my White medical uniform and my kutsinta with white dessicated coconut.see yah!

  12. Mirage says:

    Certainly lovely to look at, so pristine!

    Visiting back – sorry I’m late for WW. :)

  13. Cookie says:

    wow! super ganda naman ng museum!
    delayed visiting here from my WW entry

  14. Tiesha Maultasch says:

    Wow, what great architecture! Definitely want to visit.

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