Ethel M. Chocolates Factory

I’m back to Tuesday Travels! I missed joining last week because my very hectic schedule didn’t let me post my beach photos. For this month though, I’ll try not to miss a single week because it’s freestyle. Meaning, there is no particular theme to follow but any travel photos that I have. Good enough since I still have a bunch of unshared shots so I’ll start with our hop at the Ethel M. Chocolates Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada last December!


Photo #1– There’s us three sporting each of our pose at the entrance of the Cactus Garden and Chocolate Factory


The place is actually a perfect combination of a Cactus Botanical Garden and the Chocolate Factory so your hour or more of touring is always worth it!



Photo @2– Moi and Mister Red M! 🙂



Photo @3– My companions seen at the mirror as they tried to take a snap of me by the Factory entrance



Photo #4– And at the very lobby, this is what will meet and greet you: A giant E.T.H.E.L.S. made of chocolate! Yum yum!!!



Photo #5– One of the interior wall. It has a lot of information worth reading and knowing. This one’s a part of the the Factory history.



Photo #6– The very generous chocolate giver to anyone who wants a free taste! We sure did! Lol.



Photo #7– Told you, we lined up to take our free sample of the sweets! 🙂



Photo #8– The factory worker. It was a holiday when we went there so there weren’t too many chocolate-makers. We learned though that there was a Filipino who works there, but he was off that day so we missed seeing him. We kidded that we would have gotten lots of free chocs had he been there! Lol.



Photo #9– Man cannot live by chocolate alone; But woman can! Women– true or not? Lol.



Photo #10– I really asked the husband and the daughter to stand here because I wanna capture them with the Cacao on the wall and the information that tells what chocolates are made of and how Ethem M. Choco Factory transform the Cacao into irresistible chocolates. It was a delight to learn that the chocolates here in this factory are solely made of Cacao. I’ve never thought that one of the fruits I so love back home is the main ingredient of everybody’s fave: chocolates. Isn’t that so fascinating? 


I really wish I can share some more photos but space is limited so I hope my highlights did give you a bit of idea how interesting it is to check this place when in Las Vegas, Nevada! Until next travel!


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11 thoughts on “Ethel M. Chocolates Factory
  1. [email protected] Virtual Wanderer says:

    wow, love to live there forever… chocos and all… yummy… :0 was here for TT.. see me back:)

  2. Grace says:

    Is Johnny Depp there? hahahaha.. remember the movie chocolate factory. Visit me friend…

  3. nancy says:

    I especially love photo #9, and my answer… YES, as long as they’re very nutty and crunchy chocolates, hahahah! Well Belgian, works well with me as well 😀 Demanding!!

    So glad to know places like this do exist. D

  4. Pinx says:

    wow sis!!! dreamland!!! chocolates!!! kalami!!! kanus-a pa tawn ko makaabot anang lugara oi!!! ehehehe…sa ako na lang dreams! salamat sa visit!! contact me nya if you plan to visit Bohol…basta dal-an ko nimo og chocolates! hahahahah! joke!

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi Sis,
    M&M’s lovehim, chocolates hmmmmmmmm yummy. Great pictures. Dropping by for TT. Please drop me a line too. Take care.

  6. Mirage says:

    My kind of place to visit! Do they have free taste tests? hihi

  7. ahmee says:

    thanks sa visit Rcel…came by for TT meme too…ka nice ba ani nga place…ubana unya ko sa sunod ninyong laag ha:-)

    I will be seeing you next week for another TT post ok? Enjoy ur day

  8. Ayvee says:

    kanindot dira Cel..e soroy unya mo diha ha? hehehe! hmm! nag avoid nlang nuon ko ug chocolates ron kay grabi bugason ko basta mo kaon chocolates ay!

  9. Lalaine says:

    wow! ka nice uy! I’ve always dreamed as a child na maka visit ug chocolate factory.. murag hantud krn I still want to visit one… hehee! nalingaw ko ug tanaw sa pics.. and it’s true that Man cannot live by chocolates along but women can.. heheh!:)

    Here’s my My Tuesday Travel entry – Hanoi, Vietnam

  10. Shy says:

    Wow chocolate factory, nahan jd ako bana diha kay chocolate monster mani sya hehe…visiting from TT meme see you in my entry too..

  11. Wandering Gene says:

    I’m already inlove with that factory just by looking at it. I’m sure my daughter would go crazy.

    Thank you for visiting my last week’s entry for Tuesday Travels.

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