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I am glad that Tuesday Travels theme for this week is still freeform; gives me a chance to share another set of travel photos that I got which aren’t published yet. This time, I am sharing a few snaps of  the daughter’s and my first step in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2009: our pitstop for our flight going home to Philippines. We flew from Central Wisconsin to Las Vegas and stayed there for three days before flying home to Philippines and our itinerary was made that way because Triz and I went home to Philippines that time with my parents-in-law who were staying in Las Vegas, at my sister-in-law’s residency. I didn’t want that the hubby wasn’t with us as he just stayed here for work; nevertheless, our family in Las Vegas made sure that Triz and I will enjoy our first hop in the fabulous city.


Sure enough, we had a blast. Here are our several photos as manifestations:



Photo #1 — Sin City, by night!



Photo #2– Triz and I at the lounge of the Venetian



Photo #3– Triz, at the Venetian fountain



Photo #4 — @ The Palazzo Shoppes


Las Vegas has so much for your wandering eyes. Sure, you need to prepare your feet for some miles of walking around. I had to surrender myself from feeling so tired already but my sister-in-law and our friend Nora were too patient with me and Triz. We didn’t bring a stroller for the little girl so they had to help me carry the 30+ lbs kiddo that we got. Lol.


There were so many things I wanted to see in Las Vegas which I’ve only seen in photos and I’ve only heard from travel experiences of others, but when I got there, it felt so tiring already realizing how huge the city is to be explored. I only requested to see the Bellagio’s Dancing Fountain when I already felt so weak from walking and I thought I’ll just continue touring the place next time, when the hubby can join us. So SIL and Nora took me and Triz to Bellagio’s and that’s where I was so in awe with the engineering and computerized operation of the Dancing Fountain. I got a few shots worth sharing:



Photo #5



Photo #6



Photo #7



Photo #8– The dancing fountain move and the Eiffel Tower shown!


Seeing these photos, I am smiling as I realized that we still had a great time even though the hubby wasn’t able to join the fun with me and Triz. Having a family who resides in Las Vegas gives us an unlimited chance to go back there again and again, if the budget would permit. We spent our Christmas and New Year 2011 there and because the hubby was already present, the travelholic family became complete on my third hop in Las Vegas. I still have a whole lot of photos to share; I hope you’ll still want to see them in the future! :)

How about you? Have you been to Las Vegas? Do you like it there?


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18 Responses to “Las Vegas ’09: My First Time”

  1. Cookie Says:

    These pictures brought back a lot of memories. Been there once and stayed at Stardust hotel. My relatives and I roamed around the place on foot for 7 hours. Nakakapagod pero maganda talaga tingnan yung mga theme nila in every hotel. I hope to see Vegas again. I love how the place looks at night. Talagang totally different to see during day time… pero di naman advisable to live there..maubos ata pera natin, hehe..

    Dropping by from my TT entry: http://chroniclesofcookie.com/2011/07/chicago-skyline/

  2. Yan Says:

    Las Vegas beauty kaayo uyy! Ako ani kanus-a pa kaya makatamak anang dapita. Init daw kaayo didto basta summer? Anyway, enjoying your post at my office… ;-)

  3. emzkie Says:

    kanindot sa imong mga kuha Cel. adto pud unta ko dira.. with hubby.. murag impossible dyud. sa damgo nalang ug sa imong mga larawan.

  4. [email protected] The Virtual Wanderer Says:

    wow, this is super awesome… so love the last photos.. lovely was here sis for TT.. :)

  5. Avs Says:

    hala cel, kanindot ba…ngek, ako noh kay wa ko kasabot unsa ang mga photos namo sa LV kay pirti jud kainit. di makaya ang hotel hopping ui. igo ra mi sa lobby sa caesars ug sa bellagio, maski sa planet hollywood mi naka check in, di gihapon makaya..unsaon nga 1 day ra man jud tawn ang full day namo didto. saturday mi sssa hapon nangabot, monday sa udto mi nanlakaw..next time, sa fall mi mangadto aron di kaau init. makapaig ang init eh.. nice kaau ang first photo nimo b…super like kaau ug nice ang spot ninyo sa fountains ai…dapat diha diay mi ni pwesto…sunod na pud…agi agi ko! wa pakoy post sa TT..kuk

  6. Pinx Says:

    cel, nice kaayo ang mga photos..naa baya ko auntie diha sa Las Vegas… haaay… kanus-a pa tawn ko maabot anang lugara! hahaha! bisita ko diri sa imong TT entry!

  7. Kero Says:

    oohh one of my dream city to visit!

    thank you for sharing, Rcel. Triz is growing up a fine lady =)

  8. nancy Says:

    Breathtaking views! So lucky you, Rcel :D

    Here’s visiting late for TT.

  9. chie of whereabouts Says:

    Super vonggacious talaga ang Vegas. Makabusog kaau ang kanindot sa lugar. A week to explore Las Vegas i think is not enough.

    was here for TT gwaps

  10. bev Says:

    lovely pictures and very nice experience….
    visiting thru TT…

  11. Shydub Says:

    sus ka mga nice sa picture. mao na sd na ilang decoration akaron sa belagio. sus intawn nag sge mi hulat sa show perting inita sa dihang mag start na nankigpanguli ang mga taga bukid, na miss hinuon namu ang fountain show

  12. sharon Says:

    Your photos are simply fabulous! No I haven’t been to Las Vegas :( But I intend to one of these days. Thanks for stopping over at my place. :)

  13. My Travel Folio Says:

    Lovely pictures! Would love to go to Vegas for sightseeing and shopping =)

  14. The Travel Diva Says:

    wow. amazing photos of Las Vegas. It’s good that your in-laws made sure you enjoyed your stay there. You’re so blessed!

    Thanks for joining last week’s meme. This week, we are still on Travel Photos of places.

    Hope to see you again!

  15. Wandering Gene Says:

    Beautiful photographs! They are so colorful. I’m sure your kid enjoyed the light and fountain display. I never really thought of going to Las Vegas, even given the chance. I feel like I’ve got nothing to do there, hahaha!

    Thanks for visiting my Tuesday Travels entry.

  16. Ayvee Says:

    nindot kaayo ang Vegas basta gabie no…gi hagad nako akong uyab na mgadto me sos me NO man oi kay init kaayo daw unya gambling ray naa didto kono hahaha1

  17. jared's mum Says:

    vegas is just one colorful + breathtaking place to be! i hope i can visit it some day! great photos, by the way! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my TT post :D

  18. amiable amy Says:

    sus ka nice ba diri oiist…i went to california last year and we explore san fran, hollywood etc except vegas. Gipapili man ko between vegas and san fran, dawbi kay nag work man ko sa casino, pura na kunohay ko hahahaha…bitaw, i prefer that on my next visit to california, exclusive ra jud sa Vegas. Galaway ko tan aw ba…hahayzzz…thanks sa visit ug sa comment sa ako TT post ha…i will be seeing you this week? Beach napud ta

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