I am back to my Milwaukee Art Museum series of photos! This time, I am featuring a couple portraits that I have captured that time.


As always, I am amazed time and again at the talent, creativity, and passion that artists have in coming up with excellent masterpiece worth a million and will live for a lifetime.


This is one acrylic canvas! Isn’t it awesome?



Below is the information about this painting:



How about this innocent-looking man– can you find artistry on this image?



Ahh.. it is simply amazing to me!


I wish I can be a painter like the ones that got such skillful hands! However, I don’t, and so my role is to cheer and give every artist my applause, because their genius and creativity is beyond praiseworthy! This post will lead you to the old shares I did of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Feel free to visit if you want!


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  2. January Says:

    work of art.. very nice.:)

    Visiting from WW here’s mine BBW Hand Sanitizer, Dashing Smile and Wedding

  3. Lainy Says:

    Whatta lovely masterpiece!

    Ang akoang hibal-an nga blogger nga naay dugo sa pagka certified artist Sis kay si Windy, hehehe! Magpinsan sila ni Vincent Van Gogh, the famous Dutch post- impressionist painter. I wish pud ay nga kahibalo ko ani pero kay bisan bahay kubo man lang dili gani ko kabalo mudrawing mao wala na jud koy pag-asa, hahaha! Si Triz kay medyo hayag ang kaugmaon ana ;-)

  4. raya Says:

    wow! i can only wish I have talent in painting but I am not blessed with that. Enjoyed those portraits, sis! thanks for sharing and for joining WW this week!

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