The Infinity Room of The House on the Rock

Early in June of this year, we have had the chance to drive to Spring Green, Wisconsin for half a day after the husband finished his 3-day-conference at UW-Richland Center Campus. We checked out the famous House on the Rock attraction and sure enough, this magnificent creation of Alex Jordan, a literal house on top of the rock is such an awe-inspiring man-made retreat which includes displays and collections of the exotic and unusual stuff. There is actually too many things to explain in detail and I will try to do it one by one in the upcoming post.


For now, it is the amazing Infinity Room of the House on the Rock that I shall be sharing.



Image taken from the House on the Rock website


Up-close with the Infinity Room:



Infinity Room is the 14th room of the House, completed in 1985 is a unique room with a panoramic view of Wyoming valley. The engineering marvel extends 218 feet out over the scenic valley and 156 feet above the forest floor. There are an astonishing 3,264 windows for walls.


And I was there, in pink! LOL.




Seeing it in picture was a fascinating thing. Stepping foot on it was surreal! It was a marvelous experience!


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There were so many tourists, but I am glad that each was accommodating to everyone who wants to take a picture in any corner of the room! πŸ˜‰



Infinity it is!


A ghost in pink at the infinity room! LOL


I absolutely was so thrilled to be in this place! Why not, when it is full of creativity and wonderful products of an imaginative brain behind the sculptor and artist Alex Jordan. You can learn more about this famous Wisconsin attraction in its website.
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15 thoughts on “The Infinity Room of The House on the Rock
  1. Lainy says:

    This must be one of your greatest escapades, Sis. Thanks for the wonderful share. I so remember this get-away of yours coz I got a lovely keepsake from you- the postcards! YAY!

    Thanks a lot for the thought of giving me one. Till now wala pako kapost ato sa postcard blog kay nagkayagaw pa akoang agi, juggling offline and online tasks. But in due time, I will.

  2. teJan says:

    pink looks good on you cel..heheh!

    thanks for dropping my giving back some luv.. see you around

  3. [email protected] The Virtual Wanderer says:

    waahhh, gagilok akong lapa-lapa Rcel…. walking in the sky man jud kaayo ni oi… pero great experience.. πŸ™‚

  4. KRIZZA says:

    Thank you for visiting Sis! That infinity rooms looks so interesting. I’m glad that u enjoyed your visit there and that wonderful experience that you had.

    Visiting u back from PF!

  5. mommy Jes says:

    nice place!!! ang nice pink shirt :))

    Thanks for the visit! πŸ˜‰

  6. that was a very nice view, steep too! if i was there? my knees would have turned to jelly! πŸ™‚ you def rocked the place with your pinkiness hehehe. :p

  7. wow! nice trip sis! i haven’t read much about wisconsin (i mean practically nada) hahaha so this looks really interesting. thanks for the PF visit πŸ˜€

  8. enzo says:

    What can i say but WOW…for this Infinity Room here…the view is indeed…infinite…returning the love from PF…thanks for the visit in mine RCEL…

  9. Shydub says:

    aguy mura malisang ta mo tunod sa infinity but would love to at least try sa, hehe to infinity gyud siya mura walay samukan ug sabaan ana nga confe venue da

  10. Rovie says:

    Looks like your having a great time. Pero kung ako ana sis ginaisip pa lang nako murag kurog na akong tuhod sa kataas.LOL!

    Thanks for sharing. Returning the LOVE from PF…

    See you around!

  11. raya says:

    wow! such a great place! i actually have a fear of heights so I can’t imagine standing on that thing. It must feel like you are walking on air or something. LOl. thanks for the visit, cel!

  12. Jessica says:

    wow! what a great room, thank you for sharing Mommy Rcel. Dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can visit me back too

  13. Icar Maghirang says:

    that’s a nice view from the top sis and the room lookks really infinite!thanks for sharing…visiting for PF#95

  14. katya kate says:

    Very cool architecture! Must be so good in enjoying the panorama from up above πŸ™‚

  15. Seow wei says:

    This place look interesting, it should worth me to visit on once I got the chance, thanks for sharing, visiting from PF.

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