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I am sharing some old snaps we’ve taken during our Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum visit in the Spring Break of 2009. We lived in Bloomington Illinois back then, and driving to Springfield IL, the state capital was a breeze. So we decided to spend our Spring Break there and enjoyed the newly launched and opened Abe Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The place was magnificent and truly worth a visit!


Here are the products of my shutter:



The Lincoln Library and Museum campus was huge! It requires curiosity, interest, and at least a 2-hour-strength of walking around! :)



Me and then 2.5 years old Triz! Aww… memories!


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The museum building



Triz and the hubby, @ the Museum Directory wall



It’s moi, welcoming you to the Lincoln Presidential Museum! :)



The White House replica inside the museum



Me with The Lincoln Family! :D



The century old cabin where the Lincoln Family had lived. It was installed and built inside the museum complete with the old utensils and stuff that the family used. It was so fascinating and definitely cool!



The first ever 4D theater inside the museum! It was so neat to be watching a documentary inside this theater and felt like I was part of the entire setting! This theater was dubbed the most advanced and high technology theater in the world! :)


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And the most neat spot of the museum was the Presidential GHOST Library. Ghost Library it was because the visitors are treated to a life story of President Abe Lincoln and in the middle of the story, a ghost Lincoln would appear on the stage. It was totally awesome! However, photography wasn’t allowed in this gallery so I had to grab a photo from the website itself. This is definitely a must see scene!



Another spot in the museum is Mrs. Lincoln’s attic. It is where kids get to enjoy the toys and other children’s stuff owned by the Lincoln Family themselves. So cool!



Triz and I got to hold and play on those antic Lincoln toys! 



And these are some of the souvenirs and books you can see and buy at the Museum Souvenir Store. There are a lot of choices there but I didn’t buy a thing because… yes– everything was expensive! LOL.


I was very satisfied with our trip even though it was so chilly and cold. We were looking forward to this visit especially that the place was just newly opened and was advertised to be the most advanced museum in the whole world. Us living in Central Illinois back then was a consolation. It was only 45 minutes of driving to the state capital Springfield so a day’s visit was just enough.

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  2. Deli Says:

    Fun and informative post :) I enjoyed the photos, too.

  3. KM Says:

    I love visiting libraries/museums too :) the ghost library looks very interesting ;) thanks for sharing. kung one day kung magawi kami diyan, sana mapasyalan ko din ‘to :)

  4. jheylo Says:

    that looks an interesting museum…. giant na nga mga books cel? i’m sure ng enjoy gyud mo diha. educational tour is always fun

  5. Avs Says:

    wow kaau! ugma pako mulink kuk kay naa nako post karon. pero, ur badge is attached to my blog na..will do the TT.

    ka nice sa lib ui, kalami muadto diha. nice jud ng mga museum ba, interesting kaau. gusto ko mubalik gani ug usab. ang akong gusto adtuan ang washington museums sa d.c. hayz, nus-a pa kaya…

  6. amiableamy Says:

    Hi Rcel, Im back hehehe…thanks for the comment and visit. Im 7th , not bad huh? Kanus-a pa kaha ko ka visit dira hehehe…Inig balik sa akong daughter-in-law road trip me diha :-) Thanks to sirRob diay …may nalang naay 2 nga nilaag sa akong payag. See you again.

  7. michi Says:

    wow advanced museums in the whole world. =) educational trip good for both kids and adults.

  8. cherry of Lowfat Diaries Says:

    i love visiting museums. too bad during our last trip, we weren’t able to visit one.

    joining TT this week.

  9. Points of View of Travels and Places Says:

    Wow parang tinour mo na ako ah, all in one package kasi yung mga pictures, keep sharing gurl! Visiting from Tuesday Travel

  10. Lalaine J. Says:

    wow! the musuem is so nice!

  11. Chronicles of a Mentor Says:

    Nice photos. I hope someday I could visit the museum.

  12. Dhemz Says:

    wow! super love the place…sapipi pa si Triz ani nga time…hehhee..cute! hapit taka maalaan ug member sa Lincoln family Cel…ehehhee…thanks for sharing the photos…lingaw ko!

    sensya na uwahi sa linya…have a good one!

  13. Jessica Cassidy Says:

    wow! grabe ka bonggacious na library ug museum Momi Rcel, beautiful pictures of the family too, very much appreciate for sharing :-) laagan kaau mo Momi Rcel :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  14. Bless Says:

    Cel, nice kaayo ni nga museum/library ba. Very educational jud kaayo :-)

  15. Shydub Says:

    Ganahan ko sa inyong mga trip and travel cel ky makapahimulus jd ug posing.

    love all the pics here.

  16. Marites Says:

    I wanna wanna get to that museum. High tech! nice photos! lingaw kaayo mo tan-awon.

  17. bev Says:

    better late than never…submitted my entry today…

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