Tuesday Travels: In Las Vegas

Hello Tuesday Travelers! Welcome to another week of travel posts!



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Thank you for joining in last week and please continue to share your travel posts and stories for this week! It’s been a pleasure roaming around your blogs and see the travel spots you’ve posted.


I have our Las Vegas snaps to share for this week. We spent our 2010 holiday in Las Vegas and it was a memorable Christmas and New Year celebrations for me and my family because we spent it at my sister-in-law’s home there with lots of Filipino friends around. And since Ma and Pa-in-law were there, the husband and I were able to escape for some nights without the daughter in tow. Triz was left at home while my sister-in-law DZ and our friends toured me and the husband at the Strip for a couple of nights to check out what Las Vegas has to offer.


It was grand; we enjoyed it. But never did it occur to the husband and me that Las Vegas lifestyle is for us. 😀

Here we are by the way at the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign:


Smiling us, kay nakagawas nga walay giguyod. Lol.


Our hosts were actually kind enough to have toured us around. They even treated us to the awesome Stratosphere Tower adventure. Here are us with our very accommodating hosts:


L to R: the husband, moi, SIL Daisy, Friend Nora, and Niece-in-law Cyndi


It was a 3-hour-tour at the strip and nope, it wasn’t enough! Our hosts told us that we haven’t seen a lot yet, but the husband already complained that he is already tired and sleepy when it was 11pm Vegas time. Our body clocks were 2 hours ahead since we are based in the Midwest (Central Standard Time) so I can’t blame the husband. Lol. Our last stop for that night was the Queens Square:


Us at the Queens Square

Countless of people roam around this square and we were just amazed with how busy this spot us. It seems like people are not resting. Indeed, just NOT our lifestyle. Lol. Our two-week-vacation in Las Vegas was great. And we hope to spend another longer time there again in the soon future!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels: In Las Vegas
  1. Deli says:

    Hi Cel. Love the topmost photo of you and hubby 🙂 Thanks again for hosting 🙂 I’m so enjoying Tuesday Travels. Have a great day!

  2. Jheylo says:

    we’ve been planning to go there and stop by sa Arizona pero pirmi ma put on hold. sana next yr matuloy.

  3. emzkie says:

    kalami ana cel oi nga mulaag na walay giguyod! kanus-a pa kaya ko? cguro pag naa akong mama diri, pero mahadlok pud ko nga byaan sila lang diri. kung sa pinas pa.. ok kaau. diri wala dyud koy salig, masking katong naa ang akong mama diri, uban dyud sya permi masking asa ko adto. anyway, nindot kaau sa Las Vegas, hangtud sa damgo lang ko ka adto dira, kay dili dyud gusto sa akong bana mu adto dira. masking muhilak pa daw ko ug dugo. hehehe. dili sya ganahan makakita ug mga bayot. hahaha =D

  4. Cookie says:

    sus oi, dugay naman ko wala kabalik sa vegas. lingaw raba kaayo ang strip. lahi ang beauty makita sa day and night. love your pics Rcel.Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow so fabulous…. But it seems like it is too cold out there I could see how thick your jacket that you are wearing hehehe. Visiting from TT

  6. Bless says:

    Very nice oi! Sin City gyud 🙂 Want to visit their too pero daghan na jud guyuron. Maayo unta to kami lang ni hubby pero di na mahims 🙂

  7. Lalaine J. says:

    wow!i’m sure you enjoyed your trip… would love to see the lights and the city..:)murag bibo gyd cya!:)

  8. Adin B says:

    I have never been to Nevada, but my husband. It will be interesting to visit the state someday. 🙂 Another entry from me, mommy. 🙂

  9. Marites says:

    I should’ve gotten to this place but our travel plans changed. Nice photos!!

  10. Dhemz says:

    awwwwww…pagkalingaw kau kay way g guyod…eehehhee! likewise Cel…vegas is not for us…mau lang man mag laag ddto…murag dko mabuhi didto…hahhaha!

    ikaw 3 nami nakabalik ug Vegas pero wala pa jud me ka pa picture anang famous nga sign…lol! naa man jud nis tunga tunga sa dalan…hhehehe…we passed it though…thanks for sharing! sensya na late sa pila.

  11. karun pa jud tawon ko nakabalik ngari..hahahah!! naglitanya pa nmn ko ghapon..kuk..english pa to!hahaha!!

  12. amiableamy says:

    Sus Cel, ka nice sa inyong laag. I went to California in 2010 too, ako ra isa nilaag sa akong friend in LA tapos, nag roadtrip dayon mi sa big cities in Cali. 10 days raman akong off,gi sacrificed nko ang Las Vegas and went to San Francisco. That time, I work man gud sa casino in Mississippi and we had 8 casinos pud. I would definitely visit Las Vegas especially at night and see the amazing water display:-)Thanks for the visit sa akong post lastweek:-), cge lang ko late hahahaa…salamat sa 3 visitors from TT diay pud:-)

  13. Arlene says:

    Hello cel, imagine it took me 3 days to finish this post. Hahaii so many things just happen in between. I even feel tired blogging thinking that one has to spend much to make the blogs attractive to DAs. I am willing to invest pero what if wala juy maabot nga juice sa akong paypal? hagooyyy dili jud ko ganahan mautangan ko sa mga tao nga ginagamit nako ilang mga maayo nga serbisyo.

    Anyway, i guess i have jst have the blogging blues.

    I am getting ready to go to Cagayan de Oro in awhile. I should do back posting for this meme aron maka share dayon ko once your entry is up. 🙂

  14. sir rob says:

    I was hoping if a video can be included in Tuesday Travel?

  15. Rovie says:

    Vegas looks like real fun but just like you murag dili ko mabuhi sa ana nga place…hehehe

    Joining this week…Thanks!

  16. sir rob says:

    Just joined for another TT week.

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