Hello Tuesday Travelers!


Sorry I am late for this week’s Tuesday Travels! You see, I haven’t been online for four days. I didn’t mind my virtual homes over the weekend because we have friends from Illinois who spent their Spring weekend with us. I have just gotten back and I am not in my best blogging mode yet, so for Tuesday Travels, I will just share some Spring captures I have here in our neck of the woods.


If you ever want to visit Stevens Point City here in the State of Wisconsin, don’t forget that April is the perfect month to come here to experience Spring season! And some of the glimpses you can see here are those that are the most pleasing view of nature. Like these snaps that I have:


The beautiful Creeping Phlox


Lavender Hyacinths


Pink Blossoms


I only use a Point-and-Shoot digital camera, and yet, the beauty around me here in Central Wisconsin are too lovely to give me these gorgeous shots! I am blessed to be residing right now in the place where I get to experience the four seasons– Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each season has its own beauty and now that it is Spring, if you plan to visit Central Wisconsin, you will for sure be satisfied with not only the Spring glimpses but also the hospitable people here in our neighborhood!


Give me a buzz if ever you can include Central Wisconsin in your travel itinerary in the near future! I’d love to give you a tour! :)

9 Responses to “Tuesday Travels: Spring in Central Wisconsin”

  1. Jessica Cassidy Says:

    what a beautiful spring flowers you have Momi Rcel :-) beautiful shots :-) so love them :-) Dropping by from TT

  2. tejan Says:

    Woow..thats what I love spring, beautiful flowers ,so fantastic:)

    Happy TT! mine is up!

  3. Adin B Says:

    Oh this is lovely, mommy Rcel. you captured them so beautifully! :)

  4. Cookie Says:

    OMG! What beautiful flowers! I could stay in this place for a day just admiring their beauty :-)
    Joining this week mommy Rcel.

  5. emzkie Says:

    love all your shots cel! beautiful!

    wala ko naggamit ug calculator cel kay 4-1 man. hahahaha

  6. Beautiful Camiguin » Steps on Air Says:

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  7. Deli Says:

    Hello Cel! I’m back :) Beautiful flowers :)

  8. Points of View of Travels and Places Says:

    The blooms of the flower always brings magic and inspiration to our lives. So amazing!

  9. musings on meanderings Says:

    those are beautiful flowers! lovely + relaxing to look at!

    it has been ages since I joined + i am glad to be back! :D

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