It’s December at last! For most of us, if not all, it is the favorite time of the year! It is the best time of the year for many people because they remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who gave mankind new life and new hope. We also have to add that people are more generous during December and that means more gifts given and received! And yes, we have to add that more shopping going on, too!


For many of us as well, December involves lots of traveling. And even while traveling, shopping is never to be missed! For me, shopping is a part of my travel, especially when I go to new places. Souvenirs are always a must have in my luggage going home so this month, as we do short trips just here within the state, I am sure that it’ll still involve some shopping from me!


This month, while many of the gift-givers are busily rushing to their favorite stores to purchase gifts, others stay at home and do their shopping online. Now, this is one great option that Hayes Garden World gives us. And take note, this is not only during Christmas time. But they do have all the items one would need for this season of the year, even Christmas trees of different sizes and the items we need for our Christmas gift-giving! It’s the site to check out this season and we don’t need to travel to do it!




Now you might also be thinking of doing something for your garden – something to improve or maybe add to it. You might already have a plan in your mind but you have been postponing it. Well, maybe it’s the time of year, too, to check out a garden shop. And yes, you can also do it conveniently online! Taking care of your garden and improving its look doesn’t have to be complicated really. You can check out and find what you need even through the web. December may be spent traveling or just being home, but shopping could be done anytime!


4 Responses to “December Shopping While Traveling”

  1. jheylo Says:

    many people are looking forward to this month :D and yes it can be a lot of fun but stressful for many too because they are forced to get gift otherwise they’ll get tongue-lashing from their families and friends if they don’t get them presents hehehhehe. Gifts or no gifts we should all be happy and not just once a year :D pgka lisud nlng ma achieve ng stress-free life kay there are no such thing lol. ako gani wla ng celebrate stress ghapon. it’s inevitable you know :D

  2. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    December for me is nostalgic because I miss my family back home, I also miss Filipino traditions like simbang gabi.

    About gardening, yep I bought some planters because they were on sale lol.

  3. tatess Says:

    oh, gardening! i have a lot to do in my yard.We just move in and my garden is a whole mess. I need to shop for garden stuff for next spring.

  4. Gven-Rose Says:

    yes, it the most wonderful time of year, in two weeks its already Christmas but I haven’t started my shopping just yet..:(

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