Do You Shop for Lighting When on Travel?


I don’t, but my older sister does. When she traveled to London, she bought a beautiful tiffany lamp and brought it home. It was the only souvenir she took home and it was worth it! She said it was on sale so she never let the chance pass by without grabbing one. Besides, she loves lighting stuff and she often replaces her lamps.


When it comes to lighting preference, who does the choosing in and for your home? Most of the times, for beauty and style, it is the woman’s choice. But for quality and durability, men choose it best. Do you buy picture lights? How about your outdoor lighting— do you need an upgrade for it? I know that while the holiday is going on, most of us have gorgeous outdoor lighting on for longer hours especially if we have holiday lights decorated outside our homes.


Did you know that there are sales going on right now at From bathroom lighting, ceiling lights, crystal lights, energy-saving lights, floor and table lamps, spotlights, tiffany lamps, and outdoor lightings– you can find a lot of choices from the site I’ve just mentioned.


Autum 10% off


Because I love sale myself, I always enjoy sharing great links to stuff with prices on sale. The fact that all of us buy lighting for our home, this site is a great thing to check out. Also, even if we don’t need any lighting upgrade yet, for the holiday season, you might want to consider buying a kind of lamp as a present. I know I won’t decline one if I’m being given. I love lamps especially the kinds that I saw at


I should try buying a lamp as a souvenir the next time I go on a trip to a new place. It would surely be a nice remembrance, would it not?


11 thoughts on “Do You Shop for Lighting When on Travel?
  1. My sister-in-law is crazy about Tiffany lamp, she has severl in her home. They are gorgeous!

  2. Ria C says:

    Due to the limitation of baggage weight, I don’t really purchase lighting abroad. I only did it once in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar because the lamp was so exotic and not very bulky. I managed to put it inside my luggage.

    Thanks for sharing the online site of nice lamps. It’ll be nice to hit a deal from the site for beautiful lighting fixtures for our dream home.

  3. papaleng says:

    Most of the times, for beauty and style, it is the woman’s choice. But for quality and durability, men choose it best. I definitely agree with this observation. I’ve read some posts from my friends abroad about this Tiffany lamps, ‘durable and stylish daw’. I’ll check the site nga to learn more about this stuff.

  4. Lainy says:

    I haven’t thought of shopping for lights during my rare travels abroad. I have other things in mind. LOL!

    But come to think of it. We can find different styles and designs when we do the purchase out of the country. Hmmm. Now I shall include the lights when I plan for another travel soon. Goodluck on the excess baggage. Hahahaha!

    Thank you heaps for sharing the link, Sis. I should check it out too.

    See you around!

  5. Lighting is probably the last thing I’ll think of buying when on travel because of their usual fragile condition which might make transporting them difficult unless of course I see something I really like.

  6. says:

    cool… when i get to own a castle i’ll sure not overlook their oak lighthing.. :)


  7. Dhemz says:

    wow, a tiffany lamp is quite expensive…bisan gani bombelya dko ka afford…unsa nalang kaha ug lamp na jud…ehehhee!

  8. Nope. i am a light traveler, i don’t buy big and heavy stuff when traveling.. and besides i don’t have yet a big house to place a light

  9. kulasa says:

    Sounds and looks like an awesome site to visit! A lamp is an awesome souvenir and gift indeed :) I think too that women choose the most pretty style of things while men know what is the durable choice…as per experience with the hubby ;D I don’t get to travel a lot and when I finally have the time and resources I definitely would shop for a beautiful lamp like what your sister did :)

  10. Maricel says:

    With stories like this, one can’t help but appreciate the individuality in each and every person. Like Teresa, I probably wouldn’t even think of purchasing lighting when traveling.

  11. Rovie says:

    I wish I have the hand in deciding about stuff like that because of the time it was hubby.

    Maybe someday when the house is new, I can suggest having stylish lights like tiffany lamp. :)

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