I grew up with parents who are farmers. The same is also true with my husband. Thus, it is no wonder that our children will enjoy farming and gardening as well. Our eldest is actually showing such love as early as now. She is only 6 years old yet she has been desiring to live in a property with a huge yard so that she could tend her own garden.


We both love blueberry. Last year, we were invited by a family friend to go blueberry picking but because I was put to bed rest due to my pregnancy complications, we weren’t able to join them in the blueberry picking. Hopefully, this year, we can go. I’m sure it will be a fun time!


The daughter, when she saw this potted blueberry with lots of fruits at this site I am looking at exclaimed, “We should buy some blueberry seeds and grow  our own blueberry, Mom!”




I can see so much delight in her that I got stuck to finding blueberry seeds at the Suttons Seeds website. Right now, there are a whole lot of plants– flowers and vegetable seeds that are on sale. Tomato, onions, garlic, eggplant, and potato gardening are what I want to do when a gardening space is available for me to tend and come Spring, it is what my project will be.


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  1. Enna Nospmoht Says:

    How I always wish that I could plant something like your daughter, you are so lucky to have a daughter who is fond of planting. I want to plant but it will just die, my disappointment grew big that I don’t try anymore to plant. I am sure you and your daughter will have lots of fun when you plant blueberries in your garden. I am sure you will be making blue berry cheesecake soon, lol blueberry cheesecake is my fave.

  2. Teresa Martinez Says:

    I believe we don’t grow blueberries here in the Philippines so it would be interesting to go blueberry picking.

  3. Chubskulit Rose Says:

    I would like to grow some blueberries too, my SIL has some in her backyard and we enjoy picking them every summer..

    Growing up in a farm is a great experience I had as well.

  4. RonSilvoza.com Says:

    i’ve done a little farming too it my earlier years in our province in mindanao… and it’s great… what’s good about it is that you get to exercise and get something in return… fruits, vegetables…

    cheers for sharing!! :)

  5. ems Says:

    My tatay got this small veggie garden right in front of our house. We also help him in taking care of his plants. It’s stress relieving to see your plants come alive each day!
    I hope you can soon share to us your blue berry plant picture. I’m getting excited about it!

  6. Yannie Says:

    It’s nice to hear that your daughter loves gardening. Most of the kids now are engrossed with the gadgets that we have right now.

    By the way I love blueberry, I’ll search if this is suitable in the place where we live.

  7. Claire Says:

    I have been doing gardening since I got here, Cel but haven’t tried on doing blueberries yet. I bought a grapevine but it didn’t work. I hope this spring, I could get them growing. I love blueberries and It’s fun to watch lil kiddos enjoy fruit picking isn’t? :)

  8. papaleng Says:

    I am not a farmer nor my parents but I do love gardening. Blueberrys, wala nyan dito, duhat at alatiris marami. ;)

  9. lencilicious Says:

    Blueberry is one of my favorite berries. I love them as a fruit and in some pastries too.

  10. Engkantadang Malikot Says:

    That’s really awesome. I hope I’ll be able to taste blueberries soon! <3

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