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Do you listen to music while on travel? I guess one of the coolest thing that technology gave us is the advent of music players. I remember my family owning a walkman when I was little. It was what provided good music whenever we went for long trips. A walkman, a CD player, an MP3, MP4 or MP5, the iPod, and now, all sorts of tablets and even smartphones are avenue for music of our chosen genre.


We may not have the same gadgets but we have a common denominator when it comes to traveling: we like to listen to music. To good music beat of our choosing at that!


So my next question is, where do you get your songs stored in your music players? Have you heard of Beat Suite? It is a licensed production music company that can cater to your music needs. It has thousands of royalty free music tracks, and when you decide to purchase your desired beat, all needed and legal steps to follow are so easy to do. I specifically mentioned ‘legal’ because remember? Downloading music online without permission is illegal.


Our type of music beat are inspirational and religious. When we go for long trips, our car’s stereo plays the songs of The Gaither Vocal Band, The Cathedrals, The King’s Herald, and their likes. When you listen to religious music, it will make you feel more in awe of God’s goodness and beautiful creations and will make the long travel an easier one.


 photo 1beatsuite_zps50bfbf70.png

Lots of inspirational music at!


There are free classical music to enjoy, too, if you like classical music. Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart– they’re synonymous to classical music and there’s a lot of them at Beast Suite. Children and family-themed beats are also available and the recent music can be accessed, too.


So if you’re wondering where to get your type of music to be downloaded to your music player, Best Suite has them. It is complete, good-priced, and licensed.


9 Responses to “Good Music Beat on Long Travels”

  • kulasa says:

    now that is something that interests me most these days, I love playing music while travelling too and during my walking and jogging sessions…there is something about inspirational music that lightens our soul’s burdens…checking out the site in a little while…have a musical, happy day :)

  • papaleng says:

    I agree with your choices, Mas masarap pakinggan ang Gospel songs while on travel. Yung kay don Moen oks. Pero me, mas gusto ko listening to jazz music, soothing the ears at madali akong makatulog. ha..ha..ha..

  • I always enjoy classical music, reminds me of my mother hehehe.

  • Josie says:

    I love classical music and this our stress-reliever during Sundays when we are at home. Pahinga muna sa week-long tasks.. :)

  • I do not download songs. I don’t know. It’s just not my thing.

    I love listening to music. I used to have Spotify on my iPhone but decided to discontinue using as I no longer want to pay the monthly Spotify fee.

    Whenever I travel, I turn on the radio app on my iPhone. With thousands of radio channels to choose from, there’s always one that’s good for me.

  • music is always my companion even if im just on my way to work… it helps me relax and get ready with the workload..

    cheers! :)

  • KC Campbell says:

    Ako, maski anu basta music.. Hehehe.. Wag lang yung mga wala ng katuturang mga awitin na nauso ngayon.. Lalo na yung mga rap na “noise” na ang dating..

    Pag travel, depende sa mood.. Minsan, masarap ang love songs pakinggan, minsan pop at gospel songs.. But, I always prefer lively music while traveling.. Ayoko kaseng makatulog para makita ko ang magagandang view, kaya di ako nagpapatugtog ng mga mellow music.. Saka na pag gabi na at patulog na din.. (I used to travel by land (bus) going home to our province from Manila.. At the trip would usually last 24 hours.. Ganun katagal!! That’s why music was so crucial.. It always kept me sane..Hehehe)

  • Ai, a music is a must while traveling. Thanks Ate for the suggestion! ;)

  • Hey folks, Mark from The Beat Suite Music Library here, great to see such a positive take on our music.

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