Cuisines to Try When on Travels


When on a vacation or a holiday somewhere, what is the most must-do, must-see, and must-try thing for you?


For me, it’s the food. The unique and exotic cuisine in the place where I am taking a vacation is always worth a try. If I couldn’t taste their unique delicacy, it seems like my trip to that place is lacking something. Thus, when I go to a particular place for the first time, I ought to include in my must-do list the need to try what dish the place is famous for.


When in the UK, one must check out Trees Can’t Dance, a chili culinary store. I am so intrigued by Trees Can’t Dance not only with its brand or company name but because what they have are chili specialties. And to think, Chilis grow in the tropics, not much in the Northern Hemisphere where winter season can be harsh.


Trees Can’t Dance have special marinades, pastes, and spices and I am most interested with their chili sauces. I think they’re worth a try when you can visit North Pennines in the UK. They have other interesting recipes, too. Their products are not limited to just chilis but they have more authentic specialties to offer.


 photo 1treescantdance_zps94aca5b4.png


So, do you like trying out new recipes and authentic dish foreign to you when on travels?


13 thoughts on “Cuisines to Try When on Travels
  1. For me it’s all about exploring the place but of course, food is a must too.

  2. Liza Barnett says:

    we’re different, I don’t like trying different things, that’s why we go to the same place everytime and I order the same food :) I don’t like to try other food coz I am afraid that I won’t like it and I don’t like wasting my money :(

  3. Joy H says:

    I never heard about this brand before but surely will give it a try! i always love marinating our meat first before cooking them. thanks for sharing about this product.

  4. jheylo says:

    well my husband is a food freak, which means wherever we go he would always think of foods, even after lunch he’d be thinking for dinner menu already. That’s how food lover he is. So basically whenever we travel the first thing he would be considering also is the food. But me, i would be thinking of the nice place to visit to lol.

  5. Dhemz says:

    when we travel, it’s always the sites…..hubby is not a foody adventurer man jud oi..he’s fine with burgers and fries…lol!

  6. Hyanne says:

    You are right when you travel to different country you really should eat their local food to complete your travel experience. When we are in Bangladesh they offer us Chinese food in a restaurant but we decline because we didn’t go all overt o Bangladesh just to eat Chinese food, so we ordered their local food.

  7. claire says:

    When we travel, we make a point to try out their native deli as well as exploring the place too.

  8. Travelling will never be complete without tasting their best foods. Because I believed that through their food we can see their personality.

  9. The scenery and the activities are what I like most about traveling. But food is important too since it’s on my hubby’s list :)

  10. Shela says:

    oh yes! Whenever we go somewhere we love to try different kinds of cuisine that another thing that my husband and get along so well. We are not scared trying new flavors.

  11. i haven’t heard of this, looks different but let’s see.

  12. Kaye Figuracion says:

    A relative of mine based there used to eat in this restaurant. Wondering when will I have a first time experience there.

  13. Those chili sauces look interesting!

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