More Milwaukee Snaps


Our recent trip down to Milwaukee last month for our Biometrics has been successful. We weren’t able to tour the city though because it wasn’t our plan at all. Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state of Wisconsin. It has a lot of wonderful attractions worth checking out and we have been to most of them, pre-Tiara era. Now that we’re already four, we will be checking out the same places again to cater out little one’s desires. Not for now though, she is only 6 months old so she can’t decide or pick a date yet. LOL.


When we drove home, this huge stadium north of Milwaukee is very visible. How could one not noticed it?


 photo SAM_2487_zps02f82bd4.jpg

It is the Miller Park Stadium, home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. None of us have been to this stadium but hopefully soon, we could. 


We were traveling on a very cold and chilly day but we’re very thankful that our little companions are so cooperative. They never whined at all. Little Tiara slept most of the times, making us reached our destination an hour early. Hooray for a 6-month-old¬†trooper !


Nearing our home city, we were blessed by a gorgeous sunset up in the wintry western sky.


 photo SAM_2492_zps382e09bd.jpg


When everything has become really tiring, it is a consolation to see a beautiful scene up in the sky. Until we stop complaining of being tired, we will never finish what we intend to do. In our Milwaukee trip, the extra beautiful sun and sky story was enough to make me smile.


How about you– do you like looking at the sky to find a good subject to take?


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