Our family friend who’s based in Las Vegas recently went home to Philippines for a one-month-vacation. I was so happy for her because it has been 12 years that she hasn’t gone home. So, when she did, she had a blast. I especially loved how detailed she was because as much as possible, she would upload her photos from her vacay. It made me and many others thrilled.


She took a whole lot of pictures and I had to grab these snaps of the aerial views of Manila and Los Angeles, California to compare the scenes. It looks amazing and one can really tell how way advanced LA is from Manila. You can see chaos and disorganization in the Manila land area while it is opposite in LA. See it for yourself!


Manila aerial view


Los Angeles, CA aerial view


So, what do you think? Can you spot any difference?


4 Responses to “Aerial Views of Manila and Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Joy H Says:

    Yes! I can. I noticed no greens in CA picture. I would say, Manila is still a nice place, after all these huge buildings and heavy traffic.

  2. jheylo Says:

    These looks very familiar. I had tons of photos while we were flying and these aerial views looks very familiar to me. It feels good to see what’s down below and how tiny things are when we’re up in the air.

  3. Shydub Says:

    She must be very excited coming home after 12 years. Try to compare the aerial view of philippines and any of this hehehe. all you see is the dirty water that surrounds our country labi na sa manila dapit hehehe. Im happy for your friend btw.

  4. Bless Says:

    I think it is more of the urban planning of each respective places. Manila, as you can see, the buildings are scattered and not as organized. But in LA you can clearly see the blocks and blocks of buildings, houses, and others with clear streets or arterial roads. But I like the lushness of greenery the Manila picture has.

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