I haven’t completely blogged our stopover in St. Louis, Missouri last October when we did a round trip from Wisconsin to Texas and back. On our way back, we intentionally passed by St. Loius so that I could meet up my long-time-unseen cousin who is now based in Missouri. Sure enough, it was a sweet reunion for the both of us and we were so happy to see each other again after over 20 years since the last time we were together. We were still kids then.


Since my cousin lived in the suburb of St. Louis, we decided to hop on the Gateway Arch to spend our afternoon there. Too bad it was an impromptu tour so we didn’t have the chance to get ourselves tickets to climb up the Arch. What we did was just toured the museum underneath the Arch and we still had a great time.


It was Triz who was the most excited tourist that time to climb up the Arch. She was disappointment that we weren’t able to, and was just consoled that it will give her another chance to come back and by then, little Tiara will be a bit older to join her on the tour.


If you visit St. Louis, Missouri, you can’t miss the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It consists of the Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. Louis’ Old Courthouse. If you’re a history buff, The Museum of Westward Expansion is perfect for you. It preserves some of the rarest artifacts from the days of Lewis and Clark. The exciting exhibits will make you explore the world of the American Indians and the 19th century pioneers who helped shape the history of the American West. Triz, most especially had a blast because she loves museum tours a lot!


It’s us!


Triz’s background is the Gateway Arch architecture inside the museum. It was detailed in the information how the architecture was built and anything else that one wants to know.


One of the ancient artifacts that the native Americans used. It was well-preserved.


The tent behind Triz is one of the dwelling place of the ancient Americans. Can you imagine how simple their lifestyle was back then?


This place is a complete package of historical information of the United States. The very nicely preserved artifacts are displayed the modern way and everything inside is simply so impressive.


The Travelholics! Little Tiara was only 2 months on this trip and she just slept throughout our tour! :D

Me and my dearest cousin on the Gateway Arch grounds. We sure had a great time on this reunion.


I hope to schedule another St. Louis trip in the near future. I think it’s always worth it when the travel is for fun and leisure, especially that I have a relative down there who will absolutely be delighted if we could visit her once again.

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6 Responses to “At the Museum of Westward Expansion”

  1. emKie Says:

    wow! ka nindot anig inyong gi adtuan cel. pretty sure jj will love this place too coz he is so into history and facts. nice kaau inyong mga picture.

    nakatawa ko sa imong comment ba sa 143. lol. dili pa unta ko mubisita kay dili ko dugay sa computer room kay gahulat pako na basig naay mu apas pa, mu una nalang ko ug comment ani imong post kaysa sa uban para matubag ang imog comment. hehehehe. anyway, wala naman kaau naga join ug bpc oi. kato untang mga nihost ug muhost mag join pud para bibo. lol

  2. jheylo Says:

    Wow! it must be a grand reunion for both of you. I bet you enjoyed every inch of your togetherness at the time and wandering around the city while exploring it.

  3. Bless Says:

    We’ve been once in Missouri but haven’t the chance of dropping by the gateway arch. I hope to check it out one day.

  4. Shydub Says:

    Historical places always attract tourist. This place is a must see. i love that gigantic arc. Kids like Triz who is a bright girl and eager to learn won’t miss this kind of adventure and info. Perti hangop siguro inyo reunion, imagine 20 years.

  5. amiableamy Says:

    Oh I love this place. Remember, this was the time when we visited a week earlier than you did :-) . Dang! We could have meet there right? Anyway, I love going back there and spend a day or two. Good for Triz that she was able to ride, I didn’t :-( . An hour is way too long for us because we were in a hurry to hit the road.

  6. Jessica Cassidy Says:

    Those are beautiful pictures Mommy R of your museum visit and of course meeting your cousin too :-) We never visit a museum yet but would love to go and explore what is inside :-)


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