I have been starting to browse online for good deals on hotels as I plan our Northeast summer getaway in less than three months and when I stumbled upon a name called Rocky Patel Decade, I have wished that it was a name of a hotel or a town that we will be visiting. It sounds really like that. Only to find out that it is not as it actually is a name of a cigar. I know, right? It sounds so turist-y to me!


Anyway, I am not a smoker so I can’t say anything else about it. I can say though that I have Uncles back home who have asked me if I can bring them those cigars that are products of the US as my homecoming gift (Pasalubong) to them. I haven’t assured them yet, but I’ll see.


My wishes right now are unnumbered. For one, I wish that our upcoming summer vacation will be to Philippines. It is not possible so that’ll remain to be a wish. I’ll just look forward and enjoy a New York summer escapade for us then!


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