A friend of mine is getting married in The Land Down Under. Her husband-to-be is an Australian while she’s a Filipina. With that being said, her family is in Philippines. It would be unfortunate if none among them can attend the wedding; however, a few of her family members who applied for an Australian Visitors Visa have been approved so that means they will be able to attend the very special day. That is absolutely good news and I am so thrilled for my friend.


Meanwhile, there is this infographic about weddings around the world that is worth looking at. It tells of the different traditions and cultures that many countries have towards weddings. It is so interesting that just by looking at it, I have learned a lot. You can check it for yourself!


WeddingBug.com - Weddings Around the World

Back to my friend’s upcoming wedding (it will be next week already), isn’t it amazing how two people in love can bring two different worlds together? For my friend’s family, they will be traveling a continent away just for the big day and I am sure it will be a perfect day to create so many beautiful memories!


How about you– how far did you go to attend a wedding?


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