Hot and Fun at The Fort Worth Stockyards


Our July 2016 was highlighted by our very good friends’ visit from Illinois! It was a 14-hour-drive for them from Normal, Illinois to Keene, Texas and yet, they made it here in a breeze with God’s awesome protection and countless traveling mercies. It was just a 7-day-stay for them but good enough for us to have created beautiful memories for the future to reminisce. Texas is so big that there are a lot of places to check out but since we didn’t have a lot of time, we just managed to take them to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the must-see attractions.

First off, we enjoyed Fort Worth Stockyards which is a should-not-be-missed for Texas visitors.

We were a tad late, like 2 minutes only, to see the Parade of the Long Horns. Traffic condition on our way there didn’t allow us to make it on time. It’s okay, we were still able to see the cattles in their homes.Lol.

Triz, Tiara, and Gabriel at the Fort Worth Stockyards Welcome Station

And of course, a selfie with the mommies and kiddos!

Yes, yes! We were thrilled to see these long horns in their homes. It was pretty fascinating to see them upclose. Triz took a picture of one of them very close to her and she was amazed. Seeing these Texan cattles was actually interesting for our Illinoian guests.

And a pose by myself and my sister from different parents, my very good friend E!

We may not have accessed all the corners of the Stockyards because time and the excruciatingly hot temperature that day but we still had a grand time! Soon, on our next visit here, maybe a ride to this Texas “kalesa” will be a part of the agenda. We’ll see!

It is my third time to the Stockyards and yet it never grows old. It is always nice every time, if you don’t mind the summer heat. Otherwise, I believe it is perfect to go there in the Spring or Fall, as the weather will be friendlier on those months.


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