Pasko in the Philippines


Friends, I am so beyond thrilled that after almost 8 years for me and almost 10 years for the husband, we are finally spending our holidays in the Philippines.

Photo snagged from Cagayan de Oro Facebook page

Home sweet home it is! In exactly two weeks from now, we are flying from Texas to Cagayan de Oro City via Manchester in UK, Singapore, and Manila. It will be a long 30 hours of flying and with two kids in tow, it will not be so fun, but I trust that we will get to our destination safe and sound, with God’s guidance and grace.

What’s the agenda over there? Everything will be spontaneous because our main goal is to be with family and friends. Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidnon, and Davao will be our frequented places, and because it has been such a long time of us not seeing loved ones and friends, for sure, there will be a whole lot of reunions and escapades.

Above all, Christmas and New Year will not be the same as to just being here in Texas. I can’t wait to just be eating and being served by my siblings and Mom. I can’t wait to eat outside anytime I want to. I can’t wait to commute; to go to my desired destination not driving but just paying for fare. I can’t wait to go shopping and just gallivant in the huge and beautiful malls in the city. I can’t wait to visit our farm and see the plantations. And, I can’t wait to do so many more while being there!

Unfortunately, our time there is only three weeks. Three short weeks to do so many planned and desired things. Of course, it will be one at a time, and I can only pray for God’s blessings in all things planned.

Hope to take a lot of pictures while I am home. And share it here soon.

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