About Me

Meet the expressionist!

I am a truth-seeker.
I dare defy impositions.
I listen to the silent voice of the Holy Spirit.
I rarely forward messages you forwarded to me (w/c are a lot!), but once I do, it would be worth it.
A woman of strength I am. Smart– and apparently up for debate! Haha.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a sweethart, and because of Triz, a mom.
I am disorganized at times, but I SEEK organization and neatness.
I love blue, white, green, and red together. And pink, too, now that Triz is here!
I like kindness, sympathy, cordiality, bravery, gentleness, and affection.
Salad made of camote tops, or eggplant, or pako, as in ferns sa bukid and/or puso sa saging is heaven to me, as well as everything nga luto ni Mama, ni NangEls, ug ni Yaya.
I cook a lot, and have been eating a lot as well. Thus, size 0 or 1 clothes are but a history to me anymore!
I think a lot. Work a lot. And think of working more a lot and work of thinking more a lot!
Singing “Knowing Youll Be There, One More Day, and Will You Love Jesus More lightens my heart.
Books and magazines, and any sensible write-ups kill my time, including good articles online.
I value intelligence, ability, and happiness.
I TRY to control my temper, my desire, and my tongue.
I preserve five things: GOOd books, GOOD deeds, GOOD thoughts, GOOD relationships, and GOOD friends.
I am fun to be with, with whom I am comfortable, if not, then I rarely speak. Only when I need to.
If I can’t find anything to do, I read the dictionary. But that’s before. Because now, I rarely have idle time. Pretty Triz keeps me up 16/7. And sometimes more.
I hate injustice, corruption, pride, dishonesty, and unfaithfulness.
Feel free to discover more of me and let’s start from there!

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