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Finally, A Look of Spring in Central Wisconsin


It has been a long grueling winter season for us here in Northcentral Wisconsin but it can’t be like that forever so this time, my shout will be one of a very relieved soul! Hooray!!! Dandelions are now around us and it is finally Spring!!!

Dandelions, Spring 2014

We haven’t seen a whole lot of Tulips and Daffodils blooming just as yet but we are seeing the trees budding and most of all, the birds singing their morning chirps loudly and positively!

We have taken a mile-hike this past weekend just around the Green Circle Trail near our complex and it was such a joyful moment to enjoy the Spring breeze. The woods are still uncovered with leaves but pretty soon, they all will look green as if winter never passed us at all.

Me and Eds, a very dear friend who visited us this past weekend from IL

Our weekend getaway on one of our last 4 weekends here in Central Wisconsin was in Marshfield, at the Wildwood Park and Zoo, and we had a wonderful time there with our family friends from Illinois. The Spring breeze was a simple reminder that Wisconsin has the coolest wind and that we will be missing this atmosphere when we finally make this place a memory.

Wildflowers at the woods in Wildwood Park and Zoo. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Well, we are spending the last days of Wisconsin lifestyle bitter-sweetly! It is not so fun thinking that we are leaving so many great people behind, but it is definitely a beautiful memory that we will bring on our relocation to Texas. Like the life cycle of my favorite Dandelion, it blooms unstoppably during the warm season but it doesn’t bloom forever. It has to wither and come back anew via the power of Our Maker.

Finally, winter 2013-2014 is now a history, including the polar vortex and all the sub-zero temperatures. Finally, it is Springtime and it makes my heart so in tune with the plan I have laid out which is but relied on to My God’s amazing leading.

There are a whole lot of Spring looks around here– it is only a matter of pausing from our daily cares to notice the beauty of even the tiniest wild bloom around you. Do it and be grateful. It will make a difference in your heart.


2013 Roundup: Let’s Get Traveling!


And we’re on the edge of bidding goodbye to 2013– just one more day left! As I think of how my blogging plight fared for this year, travel-wise, this is wasn’t filled with a lot of trips but we still had a great time even with the quick and short escapades we did. I have thought of rounding up my 2013 according to the mileage our vehicle has reached but then I realized that I haven’t thought about this on the first day of this year and so I shouldn’t miss taking a snap of our vehicle’s dashboard come New Year’s Day 2014 and see how many miles we’ve driven for the entire year. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it? I hope I won’t forget to do it! :D

Now let me take this chance to round up the highlights of the past 12 months of our itinerary. Have we traveled far? Have we hopped from state to state? Was there something worth remembering traveling-wise? Let’s see if my memory can recall where we went from January to December! I guess it will help if I’ll dig in to my photo archives and see if there’s a snap worth sharing!

In January, we drove to Milwaukee for a day to fulfill our USCIS appointment. Whew! It’s almost been a year since that most awaited Biometrics for our Permanent Residency application. Less than two months later, we got our Green Card and the husband and I couldn’t be more grateful. It was a formal trip, but we were able to insert a quick hop to the Downtown Milwaukee and shopped for Pinoy goodies at a huge Oriental Store there.

USCIS Milwaukee WI

January ’13 Milwaukee Trip

In February, I don’t remember going somewhere out of town but we did roam around Stevens Point to enjoy the wintry scenery. As I look at our February photos, I have this to share:

A cathedral in stevens Point, WI

February ’13 snap worth sharing

It’s one of the Roman Catholic cathedrals here in Stevens Point that I always see every time I go to St. Michael’s Hospital where our primary care providers are. It’s also close to the university, the husband’s professional haven. I love the location of this church building. I think it is a perfect subject for my shutter.

In March, we drove to Madison– Wisconsin State capital and toured the Capitol Building. We had a blast! It was sort of a birthday trip since we did it a day before my 30th birthday and we enjoyed that quick visit to the beautiful city of Madison, even if it was still chilly.

March ’13 highlight: WI Capitol Building

The months of April and May were kind of busy for us. It was Spring and the husband had a lot of professional papers to deal with. I guess it is the reason why there was no trip that happened as far as my photo archive is concern. All the snaps I am seeing are just from the corners of our perimeter. There’s nothing to share that transpired outside of town so I’ll just proceed to the month after May. However, if you like seeing Spring scenes, I can leave you with this snap, one of my favorite Spring captures:

Spring 2013

June it was when we spent two weekends in Camp Wakonda in Westfield. Oh, how can I forget the beautiful nature that we enjoyed at the campground? We didn’t stay for the campmeeting and family camping but we still had a blast being with the wonderful Adventist people all over Wisconsin for two consecutive weekends!

June 2013, Camp Wakonda

In July, we chose to stay for the great month for the two little travelholics’ birthday. We partied as Triz turned 7 and Tiara turned 1 and we were graciously blessed with our friends’ presence. July has been one of my favorite month ever since I became a mom to two July babies but this year, one awesome thing we did was to visit a Blueberry Farm and pick!

July 2013

We sure loved that activity and we hope to do it again next year! :)

When August came, our yearly road trip happened. It was the much-anticipated drive to Niagara Falls and then to Washington, D.C., and it was now one of the most memorable summer trip that we did as four travel junkies!

August 2013 snap: @ The Niagara Falls

I haven’t even finished uploading and sharing my photos in my online photo albums for my friends and family to see from that awesome August road trip that we did. Obviously, time is too short me me! :D

In September, when Fall season started, our wheels took us to many country road driving. We visited friends in the country side and enjoyed the peaceful scenery of country lifestyle.

September 2013: Country road driving

In October, I remembered not going somewhere out of town so there’s no special snap to share except for the Autumn beauties where I live. We did go Apple picking though for a couples times and doing it for the first time was memorable as well!

October 2013 highlight: Autumn scene

When November came, the husband started the month with a trip down to Keene, Texas– to Southwestern Adventist University, for a job-related-purpose. We weren’t able to go with him, but he did remember everything about his trip and was able to tell us about it. He also took some snaps of his campus visit, and I have this SWAU shot of the campus to share with you.

SWAU in Keene, TX

For this month, I have already published my share of our Madison trip in this post. Pretty much, we didn’t go to many places but our year, itinerary-wise, was never a bad one at all! As we say goodbye to 2013, I hope that 2014 will bring us to new places once more! We don’t have any travel plans yet for now, but if you know me and my husband, we are pretty spontaneous in what we do and plan to do so hopefully, our spontaneity will make us experience the thrill of endless traveling as a family!

How about you– how was your 2013 travel itinerary? I’d love to hear about it, too!

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