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Finally, A Look of Spring in Central Wisconsin


It has been a long grueling winter season for us here in Northcentral Wisconsin but it can’t be like that forever so this time, my shout will be one of a very relieved soul! Hooray!!! Dandelions are now around us and it is finally Spring!!!

Dandelions, Spring 2014

We haven’t seen a whole lot of Tulips and Daffodils blooming just as yet but we are seeing the trees budding and most of all, the birds singing their morning chirps loudly and positively!

We have taken a mile-hike this past weekend just around the Green Circle Trail near our complex and it was such a joyful moment to enjoy the Spring breeze. The woods are still uncovered with leaves but pretty soon, they all will look green as if winter never passed us at all.

Me and Eds, a very dear friend who visited us this past weekend from IL

Our weekend getaway on one of our last 4 weekends here in Central Wisconsin was in Marshfield, at the Wildwood Park and Zoo, and we had a wonderful time there with our family friends from Illinois. The Spring breeze was a simple reminder that Wisconsin has the coolest wind and that we will be missing this atmosphere when we finally make this place a memory.

Wildflowers at the woods in Wildwood Park and Zoo. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Well, we are spending the last days of Wisconsin lifestyle bitter-sweetly! It is not so fun thinking that we are leaving so many great people behind, but it is definitely a beautiful memory that we will bring on our relocation to Texas. Like the life cycle of my favorite Dandelion, it blooms unstoppably during the warm season but it doesn’t bloom forever. It has to wither and come back anew via the power of Our Maker.

Finally, winter 2013-2014 is now a history, including the polar vortex and all the sub-zero temperatures. Finally, it is Springtime and it makes my heart so in tune with the plan I have laid out which is but relied on to My God’s amazing leading.

There are a whole lot of Spring looks around here– it is only a matter of pausing from our daily cares to notice the beauty of even the tiniest wild bloom around you. Do it and be grateful. It will make a difference in your heart.


The Four Classical Elements at AU

One of the things we did At Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan is to visit the Science Building and check out the features outside and inside. Inside, we were able to see on the fourth floor the Green House which housed many kinds of plants for the Botany field of science. We also were showed the rooms of the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and even Engineering classes and downstairs, we were in awe with the Museum of Natural History.


Outside the building is the Flour Classical Elements Structure which Lem, our church friend here who is an alumni of Andrews University helped built. We had to pose quick for a souvenir smile at the structure because I found it really cool.

Triz and the Four Classical Elements structure


Below are us:



Many philosophies and worldviews have a set of classical elements believed to reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything are based. Most frequently, classical elements refer to ancient beliefs inspired by natural observation of the phases of matter. Historians trace the evolution of modern theory pertaining to the chemical elements, as well as chemical compounds and mixtures of natural substances to medieval, Islamic and Greek models.


The four classical elements are Earth, Water, Air and Fire and it was cool to see its structure standing in front of the Science Building at Andrews University. How do you find it? I was actually impressed with its neatness. Aren’t you?


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