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Pit Stop: Kansas Travel Information Center in Emporia


Kansas State will always be in our travel diaries. You see, we have traversed this state in the Northeast to Southcentral direction for four times and so we definitely have created several memories of our road trips as a family. One pit stop worth sharing is the Travel Information Center in Emporia, KS.

Aside from the fact that it was a great place to rest and do a lot of stretching from that long sitting down in the car for some hundreds of miles already, we were also thrilled to have stopped in Emporia because a former Filipino friend in Wisconsin has moved out and into this very city! On our first stop here though, we didn’t get the chance to see her and her husband because of time constraints.

The two little travelholics, in Kansas State!

And I must say, this travel center rocks! It is so high-tech with lots of features about Kansas State that were worth learning! It is like a museum as well with large photo frames of beautiful scenes of the state.

It boosts modern technology that people these days will definitely find to be significance, like a computer screen where you can access the world wide web and even do a bit of photographing which you can instantly share in your social network accounts. I really thought it was one pretty cool device!

Kansas… one of a kind. I totally agree!

And one of the evidences I can show off via photograph is the scenery along this interstate highway where miles and miles of prairie land can be enjoyed in the vast horizon!

Kansas road trip

Someday soon, it won’t just be a road trip pit stop in Kansas but at least a week-long vacation. Just because it is worth it based on what the state could offer for a travelholic family like ours!

Sidetrip From Wisconsin to Texas


It’s been over a month since we left Wisconsin to move to Texas. It’s on those days that it was so hard to log in to my blogs and post some updates and so there have been a lot that are worth posting by now. Too bad though that time and the will to write are still elusive for me. I still can’t catch myself sitting for long in front of my computer just to post. It is so different now. There have been a lot of changes caused by our move. It is expected, and blogging will really be affected, but for now, I shall post while I can.

Side trip from Wisconsin to Texas
Our drive from Central Wisconsin to Northcentral Texas took three days. We left Stevens Point on June 10 and arrived at our new hometown on the afternoon of June 12. It wasn’t bad, considering that we have two kids with us and a 5×8 enclosed trailer behind our minivan. It helps that our kids are now self-proclaimed troopers so it eased our life on the road.

Road trip from Stevens Point, WI to Keene, TX

The nice thing about going on a road trip in the US is the vast horizon around us as we trek the interstate highways. There are a lot of nice scenes along the way that can give our eyes so many beautiful spots to enjoy. I have captured a lot of them on the way, being a shutterholic myself and I will be sharing a few in this post.

The first one is the The Christopher S. Bond bridge along I-35 S in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Christopher S. Bond bridge

Isn’t it beautiful? The previous times we passed by this very same spot were on cloudy days so my shots on those times were with and of different hues. It’s nice to take a snap of it on one sunny day. And then, the Kansas City skyline which I think I have captured sharply despite being on a 75 miles per hour speed and using only a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Not bad, I guess! And of course, I wasn’t the one driving! He he.

Kansas City, MO skyline

In Wichita City KS, we were able to stop by for a quick relaxation. There were a lot of nice things to enjoy at this stop area so we were able to have a glimpse of the beauty of Kansas State.

My travel buddies in Wichita, KS

We were able to pass by a lot of big cities and it is always nice to do so as you can get to see the unique display of skylines of those large cities. From Wisconsin, we trekked parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma States before entering our new homestate Texas. When you travel from state to state, you get to see the different views that every state offers and for us, it is amazing. We drove from north to south and it is awesome to really see the difference in temperatures! We were so thrilled that we are finally saying goodbye to the frozen tundra and are headed to the real hot place.

The flyovers of Fort Worth, TX

Spending three days on the road and 2 nights at hotels is fun and not. And since it is just the husband who is sitting on the driver’s seat (I am better being the GPS and attending the kids’ needs than maneuvering the wheel for hours and hours), I got all the chances in the world to take photographs of what’s outside us and lots of #SELFIES, including this one! Ek!

You can imagine how it is like when you are passing through a somewhat uninviting scene outside that are not really good subjects for my shutter plus the little kids behind us are sleeping. If you’re a shutterholic and a woman like moi, I bet you would resort to doing selfies, too. And I don’t care if they call it a ‘mental disorder’. Haha! I know I don’t have such disorder. LOL.

After three days of driving, we finally reached our new hometown: Keene, TX– home of the Southwestern Adventist University which is our new academic haven!

And yes, there are so many nice things about Keene and the neighboring small cities that are worth blogging about so if I still can or have time in the future, this travel blog of mine will fill quick posts of these loveliness.

Texas life is exciting for us so far! That’s because we have a lot of “firsts” here and lots of changes in our long-term plans. There are a few adjustments to make, but overall, we are coping up with where we are now a month after. The travelholic family will be engaging in new sets of travels, not on the north side of the country but here in the southern part this time around! I hope I can continue to blog my travel stories even then!

Thanks for checking me out here! ;-)


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