My six-year-old daughter is into surprises a lot these days. I guess most kids that age love surprises. Both she and the husband have the same Spring Break week schedule which is on the last week of this month when my birthday falls. The husband asked me the other day if I have thought [...]

  How do you like your day to end? If work and home have been too stressful, you always look forward to a relaxing end of your day, don’t you?   For me, a scene like this is enough to make me smile and call it a beautiful day after all!     Here where [...]

  It is already March and I am envious with my friends here in the US who often brag of their weather that Spring is already on the way. The reason? Because here where I live, we are still at the peak of winter! Arghhh! I have enough of the cold already! However, I shall [...]

  It feels like this has been the longest winter ever that I have experienced in my whole 8 years of braving this freezing season. It snows every now and then and snow forecasts are still on the way for us even if February is almost ending.   Before, I used to say all praises [...]