Pasko in the Philippines


Friends, I am so beyond thrilled that after almost 8 years for me and almost 10 years for the husband, we are finally spending our holidays in the Philippines.

Photo snagged from Cagayan de Oro Facebook page

Home sweet home it is! In exactly two weeks from now, we are flying from Texas to Cagayan de Oro City via Manchester in UK, Singapore, and Manila. It will be a long 30 hours of flying and with two kids in tow, it will not be so fun, but I trust that we will get to our destination safe and sound, with God’s guidance and grace.

What’s the agenda over there? Everything will be spontaneous because our main goal is to be with family and friends. Cagayan de Oro City, Bukidnon, and Davao will be our frequented places, and because it has been such a long time of us not seeing loved ones and friends, for sure, there will be a whole lot of reunions and escapades.

Above all, Christmas and New Year will not be the same as to just being here in Texas. I can’t wait to just be eating and being served by my siblings and Mom. I can’t wait to eat outside anytime I want to. I can’t wait to commute; to go to my desired destination not driving but just paying for fare. I can’t wait to go shopping and just gallivant in the huge and beautiful malls in the city. I can’t wait to visit our farm and see the plantations. And, I can’t wait to do so many more while being there!

Unfortunately, our time there is only three weeks. Three short weeks to do so many planned and desired things. Of course, it will be one at a time, and I can only pray for God’s blessings in all things planned.

Hope to take a lot of pictures while I am home. And share it here soon.

Quick Tips For Preventing Vacation Stress


Traveling for pleasure is supposed to be a relaxing, enriching, and completely enjoyable experience. With so many loose ends to tie up before leaving and seemingly endless travel planning to complete, however, many vacationers wind up boarding their planes with their stomachs in knots. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to optimize the rejuvenating effects of your next jaunt, and make sure that the entire trip is one of cathartic bliss.

Book An All-Inclusive Package
Rather than booking each and every element of your trip individually, consider taking advantage of the all-inclusive packages that many online travel companies are offering. This will limit the likelihood of your overlooking key services and features. It can also greatly reduce the overall costs of your vacation by allowing you to get everything you need for one very reasonable price. Some of the best travel packages include airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental services, travel insurance, and even itinerary planning support among other things.

Follow Travel Bloggers To Learn The Ins And Outs Of An Area Before Visiting
One of the most unnerving parts of taking a big trip is simply the unknown. Until you actually reach your destination and spend some time attempting to navigate it, you won’t have any clear idea of what the people are like, the general layout of the land, your transportation options, or the average costs of dining and getting everything you need. By visiting a blog like, however, you can get detailed insights from seasoned travelers who’ve had firsthand experience with the location. Travel enthusiasts who diligently document their journeys for others can tell you which methods of transportation work best, how much money you should allocate for shopping and food, and which attractions are actually worth seeing and why. These are insights that are virtually guaranteed to put your mind at ease while making it infinitely easier for you to make the absolute most of your time spent in a new and unfamiliar region.

Pick Destinations By Price To Avoid Overextending Yourself Financially
People who love traveling often make saving for their next excursions a top priority. These are individuals who eat out less often, shorten their driving distances to limit their fuel costs, and take other measures to reduce their spending on non-essentials so that they can travel longer and more. Another way to see the world without having to overextend yourself is by picking and booking your vacations based upon their cost, rather than any specific location. While this might be the year that you want to travel to Rome or France, you may find that there are some excellent deals on vacation packages to Jamaica, Hawaii, Hollywood, or Thailand. The more flexible you are in this area, the more of a seasoned world traveler you’ll invariably become. By booking trips to destinations that you can actually afford, you can board your plane both guilt-free and without the burden of looming debt.

Pack Light
The benefits of packing light cannot be over-stressed. With less clothing and personal care items, you’ll spend less time at security checkpoints, pay less in baggage check fees, and have a lot less to lose if your luggage is accidentally misplaced by your airline. Pack a small amount of versatile clothing options that can be paired multiple ways to create all new outfits. You can also go online to download a minimalist packing checklist that will help you determine which items are absolutely essential and which aren’t. If you pack wisely, losing your luggage won’t derail your entire vacation and lugging it around won’t lead to neck, back or shoulder sprains.

With these tips, traveling long distances doesn’t have to be such a stressful affair. You’ll be able to spend more of your time relaxing and truly appreciating your surroundings, like at a fly in fishing lodge. Best of all, you’ll also save yourself a considerable amount of money and unnecessary labor along the way.