Paddle Board Bits and Pieces


When stand-up paddle board enthusiasts imagine the possessions they hold most dear, their paddle boards are likely near the top of their lists. Paddling is extremely versatile, allowing you to enjoy rivers, oceans and lakes easily. All that you have to do is secure your board to the top of your vehicle and head out. While it is simple to transport, the ride may expose your board to potential damage. Protecting your board is important, which is why companies like Stand on Liquid offer board bags and other protective accessories. In addition to protecting your board for the ride, there are also several additional things that you should do to properly care for it so that you can have many more adventures on the water.

Bag your board
When you are traveling with your board, you shouldn’t allow it to be exposed to the weather and to road debris. A board bag is a great option to help your board to last longer while also maintaining its value. While it may not seem likely, you might someday decide to sell your board. Protecting it throughout the time that you own it can give you a higher return down the road. This means that always using your board bag when you are traveling is important, as it can help prevent your board from unsightly dings from rocks and other debris. It is important that you avoid putting your board in your board bag when it is still wet, however, so make sure you dry it thoroughly before your return trip home.

Store your board correctly
Avoid storing your paddleboard outdoors in the sun. Sun exposure for long periods of time may cause your paddle board’s foam core to melt. This can result in it warping. Melted foam can also cause bubbles to form and the laminate coating to flake off. You should make sure that you store it in a dry, cool place away from the sun’s rays.

Observe the proper placement of your board
When you first arrive on the shore, it is important that you place your board properly to avoid damaging the fin. Whether you arrive before or after you have gone paddling, you should place your board with the bottom facing upward. This will help to protect the fin from damage.

Clean your paddle board properly
Salt water is corrosive. You’ll want to avoid allowing the salt water to dry on your board. If you use your board in the ocean, make sure that you rinse it off thoroughly with fresh water after every use. While you are rinsing it off, don’t forget to rinse the automatic air vent. This helps to prevent the salt from the saltwater from crusting in the board’s system.

Keep your board dry when you’re not on the water
Another important thing to do is to make sure that you thoroughly dry your board before you place it in storage. This is especially true for people who live in climates that are colder. If water is trapped inside of your board, freezing could cause the board to expand as it thaws.

Make sure to wipe off your board
Each time you head out on your board, make sure that you thoroughly wipe it down using a towel when you are finished. If you don’t, and there is sand or other debris stuck on it, the surface of your board can become scratched. Your board will be very prone to this type of damage if you head out with friends or family and several boards are stacked on top of one another. Make sure that everyone wipes down their own boards before stacking them.

Take the fins off when you’re not using your board
Make sure to take your fins off of your paddle board every time you are finished using it. While this may seem tedious, it is important because doing so can help your board stay in tip-top shape for a much longer time.

Repair all dings whenever they occur
Whenever you notice a ding on your board, make certain to repair it. This helps to keep the water outside where it belongs. If you don’t repair your dings, there could be a tiny crack that allows water to leak into your board’s foam core. Over time, this can make your board become less buoyant due to its being waterlogged.

Make the most of your board
Caring for your paddle board includes using it as often as possible. Make sure you take your board out regularly for an epic stand-up paddleboard adventure.


The Timeless and Traditional Beni Ourain Rug


Moroccan rugs, also known as Beni Ourain rugs, have been around for centuries and are now being seen in homes throughout the world. Due to their diverse uses and unique designs, they are a great decorative item for any home.

What are Berber Moroccan Rugs or Beni Ourain Rugs?

There are many unique features to these types of rugs, but what distinguishes them the most is the fact that they are handwoven by the Beni Ourain people from the Berber tribes. These tribes are from the Atlas Mountains, and sheep wool is usually the material of choice. The techniques and designs seen in these rugs have been passed down for generations and are usually created using memory instead of any kind of template.

Beni Ourain rugs are made to offer a wide range of versatility. Some are made to offer warmth in extremely cold climates and are made thick and used in piles. Others are created light and thin to accommodate hot weather.

The vast majority of weavers who create these rugs have no formal training in art. That can sometimes be a hard fact to believe since these items look like works of art with their handwoven details.

How Can I Use a Beni Ourain Rug?

One major reason these rugs are popping up in homes throughout the world is because of how easy they are to use when designing a room. The colors of Beni Ourain rugs tend to be neutral or ivory, so they fit with most all color schemes. These rugs can be placed underneath a coffee table to add flair or on the floor for guests to sit on. Thin rugs can serve as runners in hallways or entryways. These rugs have even been seen in kitchens. Wherever they are placed, they offer a warm, pulled together feeling.

Here are some other great details about Beni Ourain rugs:

The price can be right.

Though authentic Beni Ourain rugs can be pricey, there are options to make purchasing one realistic for most consumers. If you can’t afford a large rug, try for a smaller one. If the design you want is a bit out of your price range, look at a different design made with the same quality.

They will last.

The materials used in these rugs and the way they are put together make them extremely durable. That makes the up-front investment worth it since these rugs should not need to be replaced frequently.

They are a one-of-a-kind investment.

Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are one of a kind. Due to the fact that they are handwoven, no two are exactly alike. That means no matter how trendy these rugs become, there’s no way someone else will have the exact one you do.

Even the design challenged can use them.

Beni Ourain rugs are easy to use. Their unique designs will pull a room together without clashing with other colors. They don’t dominate a space, but they offer a centerpiece worthy of attention. Beni Ourain rugs can be layered over other rugs or they can stand on their own.

These popular rugs are worth looking into no matter what your style. Durable, unique, and beautiful, they will stand the test of time and outlast passing trends.