Everything you Need for Your Holiday Vacation at the Beach


If you are like me, you absolutely love to travel. It does not matter where you are going or why you are headed there, the fact that you are going to explore somewhere new is enough to get your heart racing and your mouth grinning. The thought of a little bit of adventure mixed with relaxation and a splash of trying something new feels like the perfect vacation for you, and you try to get that feeling as often as possible. Most people enjoy traveling during the holiday season but it is important that you pick the right location to avoid the crowds. Even though beach vacations are super popular, it is still possible to travel somewhere that will leave you with some breathing room. If you are looking for a great beach vacation there are plenty of options online, but I recommend you book through Travelocity to get the best deal. Once you have your vacation booked it is time to start making your list for what to pack. This can be simple if you just think about the activities you will be doing. Whether it is going to be an active vacation or a week filled with lounging, there are a few things I would definitely recommend bringing either way

A Hat for Any Occasion
Spending a week at the beach means spending a week with saltwater filled and sun fried hair, so you may not feel like going to the normal efforts of blowing drying or styling your hair like you might at home. To be honest, you might not even feel like washing it as often as you normally would. A hat is a great way to conceal any hair day that might not be your best. This could mean a baseball cap, or a wide brimmed sun hat to help keep you looking cute at the beach while also protecting your face from those rays.

A Good Book to Read
I always recommend bringing a nice easy book to the beach. Some people spend their vacations catching up on some of their work required reading, but if you are serious about using this time to relax, you want to read a book that will let you lazily go from page to page while drawing you into a good story. For an even lazier way to get some relaxing done while submerging yourself in another world, is to download an audio book. That way, you can even close your eyes.

A Reusable Water Bottle
Having a reusable water bottle will definitely save you money down the road. I recommend having one at home, but when you are heading to the beach you want to make sure you are staying hydrated, so bringing it with you on vacation is important. Depending on where you are going, it might be possible that you are not going to be able to drink the tap water, so getting a water bottle that has a water filtration system built in is really helpful.

That Texas State Fair Experience


It was great to finally experience one of the biggest state fairs in the country; that is- The Texas State Fair. Driving to Fort Worth and riding a train from Fort Worth to Dallas State Fair Grounds was simply fantastic because it was one of our firsts in Texas.

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We were hoping to do this again this year but we have not found the time yet. Work, school, and all these endless chores around us are just not cooperating with our schedules. But, hopefully, before the Fair ends, we shall be able to experience it this year.

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I am thankful that two friends of ours were with me and my girls on our very first Texas State Fair trip. It was truly fun, and we made a lot of memories in just a few hours.

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And of course, why would I miss photographing The Big Tex? I would not!

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I shall definitely take more photos the next time we will hit the Texas State Fair Grounds!