Texas to Las Vegas Road Trip 2016


The four travelholics are at it again!

This time, a road trip from Keene, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada and the nearby dream destinations. On our first day, here are a few glimpse of us and the snaps we made.

The road from Northcentral Texas to West going Amarillo is not with the best scenery but it is not bad either. We enjoyed looking at the surroundings left and right and the greenery is still very much noticeable. I was expecting to see deserts but there was none till we reach New Mexico, if I remember it right.

We stopped by at a Texas Travel Center past Wichita Falls City and it was a nice break area. The kids were given some coloring materials and a bag to put the stuff they took from the Children’s section and to me, that is a plus for a travel area; very children-friendly.

We have stopped tonight in the faraway north of New Mexico, resting in a cabin-like lodge for the night. Our first day of this road trip has been a great one; hopefully, the following days will be the same or even more.

More photos to share in the coming posts.

2016 Travels first hop: Modern Art Museum Fort Worth


Hello 2016!!!

I would like to believe that this year will be filled with adventures and travels for the travelholic family but then again, despite our wants and wishes to leave our home and have fun in the outdoors, it is just not possible at all times because of our still busy schedules. So, as I am able to squeeze in a little time to hop around places just near us, I will do it for the love of outdoors and fun escapades as a family.

First up on the very third day of January which is my daughter’s last day of break before she returned to school today was a visit to the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth.

Now get this: I was prepared to pay the entrance fee to the museum for the love of art appreciation but got so surprised because they have a FREE entrance every first Sunday of the month. That definitely was a “Yay” moment for me! Lol.

The mirrored bronze sculpture by Michelangelo behind us. So cool!

These two girls are not only trained travelers but also are artists in their own ways! 🙂

This cool infrared display of lights and words is definitely awesome!

Staircase to eternity; equally amazing!

A beautiful reflection outside

We definitely had a blast on our first travel for the year! It ignite the artistry in my girls as they uncover their hidden passion to be artists themselves and it gave us a great time to enjoy each other’s company which is always our goal for all outdoor activities that we do.

May we be able to embark on another new adventures to new places after this!

Twenty-sixteen, you have been so good to us, so far! Thank you!