Got Lucky in Love

Let’s talk about love! (Laughs!) I am gonna remember real hard what I was able to come up with in one of my expressions and sentiments when I fell in love. I’ll count my blessings and see how lucky I am. 😀 I’ve had multiple steady relationships before I met Jon and even if we maintained a long distance affair (which is really really tough), I still was feeling lucky.

I started dating and engaged myself in a steady relationship when I was in third year high school. It’s that early and I knew it. Well, they call it puppy love but I don’t. After all, I knew for real what I was doing then. Since the first guy whom I said my “yes” with, several others followed just in the span of two years. I was too young then and as expected, things didn’t turn out the way we thought they should. All five of them were just temporary (hehe). But when I moved back to CDO city for college, there I met Jon who is now my husband. Still, I was a bit young (especially for my family) to get serious with him but love moved in mysterious ways eh? (Laughs!) I focused with studies and dedicated myself to a goal that I really really want to achieve when I’ll finish my degree but at the same time, I have prayed to God to give me the man of my dreams– a God-fearing man who is principled, smart, good looking, and all the other qualities that only princes in fairytales seem to have. I was beginning to feel unlucky in love already and thought of just waiting for the right time. Yes, I felt that way even if I was barely 18 years old then. I’m glad I waited patiently. I’m very lucky.

On November of 2000, at church, I knew a man fondly called by most people as Jon. He seemed nice & decent. And his being a good conversationalist made me admire him. Next thing I knew, he was beginning to like me and made all possible moves to get close with me. That started it all. We were in a very short stage of getting to know each other, but who cares, we felt we knew each other’s desires and ambitions and goals right then and there. Late March of 2001, we gave it a shot. (Told you, it was a very short getting-to-know each other stage!) Our courtship was the most unique one in our history. A three-page-yellow paper could testify to that. (Laughs!) I am glad I didn’t chicken out on him even if discouragement and all apprehended me to go on. Now that I think about it, I could say our detractors were mistaken. I am very lucky.

Dates were not really many, as we both have different tasks at such time. I was a student and he was a teacher. I an amateur in the world of reality, while he– a pro. I was vulnerable but he never took advantage. He was able to appreciate how sincere my smiles were. I am very lucky. At every step of the way, there were thoughts of course that he would shut me out one day but such day never came. He was the most open-minded and understanding person I’ve met. I am very lucky. We weren’t rich materially, but we both have the same longing– a deeper spiritual walk with God. I am very lucky.

We communicated more and saw each other more. But after six months of our steady relationship was the start of a long distance maintenance as he left the country for a pursuance of his graduate study. But during such times, he remained to be simply wonderful. I’m very lucky. Nothing changes in us but a stronger and more committed persons that we are. We both tried hard to hold on. We made every possible way we could to to really make it. Never a day that he missed to keep in touch with me despite his hectic schedule as a graduate student and at the same time a graduate assistant. I could feel I was always his priority. I am very lucky.

I love you!

Things seemed to be going great until we hit a little bump in the road. I worry that this is the beginning of the end, and he felt the same. We both treasured and valued each other and lucky enough, God got in the way and smoothen things out for us. I’m very lucky. We don’t see each other with our own eyes but with our hearts. He is the most generous, clever, and humble person I’ve met. I’m very lucky.

After three years we decided to seal our love. I am very lucky. It wasn’t the perfect wedding that I dreamed of but time and other important things that matter didn’t permit us so we just went ahead with our guts. We were separated again in the next months and life was very tough but we still had each other for better or for worse. I am very lucky. Then we were reunited and after 18 months, we are blessed by our now very active and energetic toddler. I am very lucky. Everything that happened to me in the last seven years of my life were the most wonderful and fulfilling. I couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful. I am very lucky.

I really got lucky in love, you see. I am a dreamer but I didn’t dream for material things in life. No. My parents have taught me that life is not all about material wealth. It is all about how I love my life no matter what. I could say now that I am complete (though I still have a lot of dreams to pursue). I am very lucky.

But ask Jon if he is also lucky and I am sure he would say he’s the luckiest. Even luckier than I am. Hehe..


I‘ve said it over and over again, I am insomniac. Just like this time, it’s soooo late already and I am still up. A 3 hours of slumber will be enough for me, as a long 8 or 9 hours would sure make me dizzy and lazy. Strange, when most people crave for sleep. When I became a mother, I knew what most parents, mothers particularly, say. The common statement that goes “welcome to the sleepless nights”. Nah… statistically (in my own data only), I would say I am one in 20 who wouldn’t complain of those sleepless nights. Why? Because even before I became a parent, my sleep pattern has been the same. Sleep deprivation? Never in my vocabulary! Strange? Yes, I am often told that and I don’t complain. So what am I? Insomniac. Take this:

I hate to see that my very own daughter got her sleep pattern from me, but what can I do? I hope she changes in time though, I really hope, so things would be just as normal for her. I remember I started to sleep a little when I was in high school. No, I am not a coffee drinker. Never. No caffeine for me actually. Back them, competitiveness seemed to rule the world. In college, it got worst as piles and piles of books and novels waiting for my reading eyes to drain my brain and eventually take the strain. 

Now, when swithart and I wanted so bad to put toddler to sleep, he blames my sleeping pattern for being so hard on that, just as I blame myself. No matter how tired and weary Triz’s eyes and bags seemed to show, nah… a good two hours is what’s needed to finally put her to lalaland. I’ve been wanting to get help with my insomnia but I sure wouldn’t consider medicines to be taken. If only swithart is not the very exact opposite, he is simply just the cure. His long stories and tales during bedtime is what the help I’ve wanted. It’s what’ll work, next to my current piles of another set of books and magazines now.