Introducing Princess…

She is the oldest of the four children of our oldest sibling in the family. I am proud to be her aunt, as she was growing a life that’s exemplifying. Well, given the consistency of discipline that the parents imparted on her, I would say, she is on the right track. She was a smart little girl during her toddlerhood. When her sisters were born, she act as a responsible eldest. 

At a young girl, she studied piano and guitar. When I left Philippines to come here, she sang me a song of farewell. She said she idolized me, not in the sense that she’s worshiping me and stuff, but she sees me as her model. In school, she excelled in all of her subjects. Who’s parents won’t be proud with that, huh?

So I won’t wonder if her younger siblings will grow as good as her. I would say the parents have a huge, huge part. But of course, the choices lie on the very kids most. She now has three younger sisters– Ivan, Brainiel, and Pat. That’s right, they’re all sisters. Well, our family is a product of girls so there’s no wonder if we couldn’t have a boy ourselves. LoL.

Three Years. Triz.

Today is February 1st. Looking back, exactly three years ago, Tuesday, I arrived in this country. Chicago O’hare was my port of entry and oh… the excitement and thrill was just indescribable. After a so long travel from Philippines, alone, I was about to reunite with sweetheart after the long 10 months of waiting. The oddity of it is that, I was in a 20 hours of travel, I left home in CDO Tuesday at 11 in the morning, and yet, I arrived in this place the same day, Tuesday, at 1 in the afternoon. Hah. Talk about the different time zone! Talk about being in the opposite side of the world! Really really odd. But I just ignored them all as I was met by a little jet lag on my first night. Of course, the unending talk was there along with the sweet reunion. My very first time to touch the snow. I’ve stopped over in Korea so I already have felt the wintry cold. But not until I reached Chicago that I really had the chance to walk on those ices and thick snow. Yay. And I have had two more months to experience the remaining time of the winter season that year. I was blessed.
The following days went by when I had to familiarize everything here at home. We live at SIL’s house, not so big, just enough for her but since we’ve got nowhere to stay, there was no other option available. I am grateful for the accommodation and will always be. I had to do the household chores. The kitchen most of all. My role as a wife then started to sunk in. Honestly, on the first two months that I got here, SIL and Nini complained of having gotten heavier. Yes, they gained some weight because they were able to eat three meals in a day. Which was strange for them. Really. And of course, such development was visible to sweetheart, too. I was happy that I get to cook for people who eat whatever I make. They’re the ones who don’t know how to say “this doesn’t taste good. I won’t be eating this”, and I am blessed. 

The following months have been the most enjoyed time with sweetheart. Yet the most depressing in my career life. You see, I used to work at a Radio Station back in our city– News Writer and Researcher, and sometimes, I do broadcasting. And I also write feature stories in one of the local newspapers back home. But it was stopped when I chose to get married and come over here to be with sweetheart. I wanted to work . I badly wanted to. I tried applying but I just couldn’t be accepted. It’s prohibited. I decided to go to school. I’ve taken the TOEFL which was the first requirement and I passed. High Score. When my school credentials were evaluated, most of my subjects were credited. I was blessed. But when it came to my visa status, I was put on the waiting list for the acceptance. The priority for the short-term course were for residents. And I was an alien. I was disappointed. I felt paralyzed. I somehow felt useless, because I so much wanted to either work or go to school. But things just weren’t that easy like I thought they were.

Sweetheart was still in the Economics Department at that time. He finished his Master’s Degree in Mathematics in December 2003 and went home, then we got married in April the following year. So when he came back, he took another masteral degree and that’s in Economics just so he could make use of the time while waiting for the schedule to take the GRE Exam for PhD program. Good thing that he was a graduate assistant, so he can bring me to his office anytime and I could stay there while he was on class. That is, if I get bored to death just staying home. Books, magazines, the internet– they’re my best friends during those times. I hate to realize there is this paid blogging thing. Had I known about this then, I should have been one of those who are in the PPP all time top earner dashboard. Yay!!! Haha. And I shouldn’t have had the time to get bored just staying home. Hmp!!! Then SIL helped me get the Medical Transcription Course online and I was able to start. I just continued what she has started. It was fun at first, but later on, I had the difficulty to continue. I felt I needed to have a real contact and personal communication with my trainer in order to succeed in such line of work. I stopped. Then I and sweetheart decided to have me pregnant. After so much thinking and planning and evaluating, we gave it a shot.

Spring of 2006 when sweetheart started his Ph.D in Math. And I got pregnant as planned and as wished. Yes, we were happy. Such a dream fulfilled. Summer of 2006 when Triz came into our lives. She was the greatest blessing. She changed a lo of things in us. I am already so used to taking care and handling children but when I had my own, my very own, life became even more meaningful. I have had a tough pregnancy- the morning sickness particularly. But sweetheart was with me all the way. He never missed every prenatal checkup. Even labs. He minimized his time playing chess. (Haha.) He took care of me all the time. He must have loved me, baby! (Laughs!)

A lot, as in so very many things had happened in the last short three years. Now, sweetheart is in his dissertation stage and most of his times are spent on his papers. He’s got my all-out-support on that. Even if I get tired of watching over this so hyper and energetic kid that we have. Triz is getting so big and we can’t stop her on that. We are just so blessed in so many ways. No, we are not materially and financially abundant, but every little thing we have is more than enough because we’ve learned to place it in God’s providence. Three years. Short, but we’ve got a verrrrry long list of what had happened. All those odds, problems, burdens, and sad moments we have had. But it’s the joy, the luck, the comfort, the convenience, the blessings that we have that are worth cherishing. Jon and I wanted so bad to go home and spend some time back there. There’s a small chance with this plan to happen soon. If we could make it, ahh… it would be another set of bliss. But in the meantime, I would just like to remember this day as one fine day in my history of living. Again, I don’t have wealth to brag to all of you, but I’ve got the sweetest joy that a happy person can have- the desire to be happy even with the little things in life. After all, money can’t buy real happiness. That’s what I thought so.