Through the Eyes of a Child

July 4, 2006- it’s when I met a little lady who, though only a 19.3 inches tall, has had a greater impact on my thinking and my whole person than many of the adults I have met. Her name is Triz Nicole. Now that she is almost two years old after I gave birth to her, 18 months and 10 days to be exact, she has grown to be a one fine toddler, able to express her own self- from her wants and needs to her frustrations and joys. Just so fulfilling.

Her innocent spirit is one that awakens the very theme of a magnanimous universe, where the world is a place of exploration and a source of knowledge for one’s individual curiosity. I as her mother, along with swithart are doing our very best to take great care and to ensure that her environment is one that is conducive to such adventures, so she has no reason to fear that disaster waits around every corner.

In observing Triz’s approach to the world around her, my premises about children have been shaken to their very core. It’s true that I have had a lot of nieces and nephews surrounding me. And so does swithart. And I am blessed to have had the time to get acquainted with them most. But it’s also true that it’s real different when it’s your own child.

I love kids. I adore them. But I’ve always had a different feeling when it comes to motherhood. And when I became one, everything seemed to change in an instant. Children, as far as my observation is concerned, are often so abhorrent, and I’ve been unable to fathom torturing myself in such fashion. It never occurred to me that there might be other alternatives to parenting; ones that defy everything we think we know. Now that I became a mother, I realized and learned them all. Don’t get me wrong though, I know that being a young mother that I am, I still have a lot to learn and discover.

Children must be coerced. They’re not able to motivate themselves most of the times. Punishment will teach them self-discipline. Their parents must hover over them every moment. They must be padded, helmeted, insulated, protected and sterilized. And it’s what I have tried doing to my little one.  

Triz is self-motivated. If she’s not engaged by what is happening around her, she seeks out activities that satisfy her. If I am off her because I am minding the kitchen or the laundry or the blogging, she finds ways to comfort her self. Well, yes, she does cling to her mother’s leg sometimes, begging for attention, but only when she sees me not doing the really important things. She doesn’t fall apart if she falls and scrapes her knee when she runs. She cries at the initial pain, but then she brushes herself off and gets on with her day. Especially if I or her dad is there to give her a hug and a sweet caress.

As her mother, I was and am able to spot her quest for discovery, as she tested the limits of her environment and herself. At nine months she has the dexterity to do a lot of twists and turns, crawl from one point to the next, and drink from a cup. Well, we were there to teach her those things, but many things she did as well — she figured them out on her own. The confidence she displays is a proper result of this kind of self-mastery.

If this is Triz as a baby and now a toddler, I am almost unable to comprehend what she will be like as an adult. There’s so much she will not have to endure, such as cynicism, fear of success or failure, or feelings of imperfection. Her mother and dad have provided her with tools that would render such things that would lead her to self-mastery. Her life is a simple but profound pursuit — an understanding of the facts of reality. I can’t wait to see her all grown up. I look forward to the day when she and I can speak about these things. I think she’ll become one of my favorite people. She has been a favorite kid lemme tell you!

About Me

Meet the expressionist!

I am a truth-seeker.
I dare defy impositions.
I listen to the silent voice of the Holy Spirit.
I rarely forward messages you forwarded to me (w/c are a lot!), but once I do, it would be worth it.
A woman of strength I am. Smart– and apparently up for debate! Haha.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a sweethart, and because of Triz, a mom.
I am disorganized at times, but I SEEK organization and neatness.
I love blue, white, green, and red together. And pink, too, now that Triz is here!
I like kindness, sympathy, cordiality, bravery, gentleness, and affection.
Salad made of camote tops, or eggplant, or pako, as in ferns sa bukid and/or puso sa saging is heaven to me, as well as everything nga luto ni Mama, ni NangEls, ug ni Yaya.
I cook a lot, and have been eating a lot as well. Thus, size 0 or 1 clothes are but a history to me anymore!
I think a lot. Work a lot. And think of working more a lot and work of thinking more a lot!
Singing “Knowing Youll Be There, One More Day, and Will You Love Jesus More lightens my heart.
Books and magazines, and any sensible write-ups kill my time, including good articles online.
I value intelligence, ability, and happiness.
I TRY to control my temper, my desire, and my tongue.
I preserve five things: GOOd books, GOOD deeds, GOOD thoughts, GOOD relationships, and GOOD friends.
I am fun to be with, with whom I am comfortable, if not, then I rarely speak. Only when I need to.
If I can’t find anything to do, I read the dictionary. But that’s before. Because now, I rarely have idle time. Pretty Triz keeps me up 16/7. And sometimes more.
I hate injustice, corruption, pride, dishonesty, and unfaithfulness.
Feel free to discover more of me and let’s start from there!