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A Firewire Interface


Our friend J, who is a Registered Nurse originally, has shifted her career to becoming an engineer while catering to his musical inclinations. You see, he is a music lover and he wants to stay at home as much as he can in order to mind his being an artist. He has just set up a musical home studio a year ago and the exciting focusrite saffire pro 24 is one of his properties.

I think when being an artist is your passion, you can’t live your life to the fullest by not doing what an artist should do. A actually wonder how J finished his degree in Nursing because ever since, I already suspected him to lean more on the arts of music than of taking care of sick people. And, not only is he an artist, he also is a travel junkie like me! In fact, he has just got home from his Florida vacation and for sure, during the long road trip, music was a part of the while driving.


Aluminum Vest Drum Carrier


A couple of years ago, I sponsored a nephew who joined in their school’s marching band. I volunteered to pay for what he was needing including buying the instrument that he used. I wish I saw this excellent pearl marching drum harnesses at wwbw which are affordable compared to what they bought. But oh well, we can never turn back time anymore and that’s been two years ago. In the last two years, he has enjoyed his stay in the school’s marching band and his family loved to see him perform as well during school shows and even during the cit feast.

This white aluminum vest is what I am looking at right now.

XL Specialty Percussion Aluminum Vest Bass Drum Marching Carrier (GP-XLC-BD2)

I am wondering if its size is good enough for the huge box that I am preparing to be shipped to my family in Philippines soon because if it will fit, I might get this for my nephew.

They say I am a supportive Aunt. Well, yes. Because I believe that it will add motivation and encouragement to him and my other nieces and nephews if they know that they’re being supported in what they are into.


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